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Learn more about Karen Wright
Volunteer Director of
ATPF Prayer Ministry
Karen Wright is the Volunteer Director of the ATPF Prayer Ministry Program. In her own words, "My husband Tim and I were challenged by the demands that a special needs child puts on a family. Married in 1963, we have faced many seasons of life together. We know firsthand the power of prayer and how it can heal broken bodies, broken minds, and broken hearts."

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Question of the Day
Answers from the ATPF Community in Chat
  • Susan Bourrillion: "I can help someone with their grocery shopping."
  • Katherine Johnson: "I can help someone by saying hi or smiling."
  • Padmini Tillu: "Talk to someone."
  • Darryl Freeman: "Give a big, warm smile to and initiate a conversation with a neighbor or someone you don't know."
  • Terrence Patridge: "I want to give some beautiful thoughts like sunflowers or doing the household chores like cleaning!"
  • Angela Lua: "Make dinner for my family!"
  • Nicole Dauz: "I will provide words of appreciation to a friend."
  • Jon Hickey: "I helped someone fix their bike on my ride today. Felt good to have the right tools to get them back on their ride. Broken seats are no fun. And making pretzel French toast for breakfast for me and the boys."
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