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Learn more about Walter Suskind
Star of Life, Animated
Founder of SibStrong
Walter Suskind is a star of the 2017 Academy Award-nominated documentary, Life, Animated, "a profound...investigation of what it means to be human" (Vanity Fair) — which follows the twenty-year journey of his family with autism.
He is also the founder of SibStrong, a national organization that helps siblings join together to support their differently-abled brothers and sisters.

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My Big Brother
Question of the Day
Answers from the ATPF Community in Chat
  • Jeff Snyder: "Leadership and being a good role model."
  • Nicole Dauz: "I admire my son's compassion in times of need."
  • Tamar Blanco: "My daughter Sienna is so caring and so incredibly honest."
  • Karen Wright: "Patience and love."
  • Terrence Patridge: "Being a great musician as always
  • Kylie Rothhouse: "My sister is incredibly intelligent and motivated!"
  • Glenn Lasker: "The love and support from my 4 sisters and 2 brothers."
  • Sensory Friendly San Diego: "I'm thankful for my brother's creative perspective on life and his ability to unconditionally love."
  • Emily Rangel: "I treasure the magnified joy of my son's accomplishing goals that we have set, his creative out of the box mind, his laugh and joy in humor and enjoying the little things and connections in life. :)"
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