Southern California Learning Community 

Thank you for joining us on September 14, 2018 for  Achieving Impact through Evaluation and Data for Family Strengthening Programs. Know Your Audience: Foundations, Contractors and Board of Directors.

Putting learning into practice

All the convening participants are encouraged to:
- Start a first level data report for a single program.
- Create a data information and collection table by program.
- Convene a discussion around primary impacts and possible measures.
- Speak with your staff about use of data.

You are invited to share first level reports at the next Learning Community convening. We look forward to continuing the discussion about how to advance family strengthening programs using data.

"Create a culture where data is being integrated 
and used to advance the work. 
 A culture of inquiry drives innovation."
- Todd Sosna


Visme  is the design tool used by Riverside County to create their attractive reports. The basic individual plan is free and they offer non-profit discounts.  Tableau  is an analytics platform that offers solutions for teams and collaborators.  Data can be collected for free using Google Forms .

Save the dates for the rest of the series!

Achieving Impact through Evaluation and Data for 
Family Strengthening Programs

Friday November 30, 2018
Know Your Audience: Local Civic Leaders/Policy Makers, Community/Agency Partners and Agency Administrators 
Hub: Los Angeles
Remote Sites: Atascadero, Lancaster, San Diego
Live Online

Friday March 8, 2019
Know Your Audience: Staff and Volunteers 

Friday May 17, 2019
Know Your Audience: Program Participants, Clients and Community Members

Please mark your calendars and stay tuned for more information about locations and enrollment! 

On behalf of the SoCal Learning Community team,  we look forward to seeing you soon!

Lisa Fraser
Southern California Learning Community Facilitator
(805) 466-5404