Back to Basics
Don't lose site of what got you to where you are today and how to move forward.

All next week (Monday - Thursday) at 11:00 am (Central) as we work with you and how to make the basics better.
You can find a partial list in the Medicare & You Handbook (2019) on page 49 & 50.

There is also a CMS publication that explains other services not covered. Provided by the Medicare Learning Network (MLN) designed for providers.
Here are some resources to help your clients, as discussed on the Cafe today:

AARP has a resource center for people to do their research. Why am I including this? Because this is what your clients and prospects may be reading: CLICK HERE
There are also numerous other resources on here.

State & Local Resources
Don't forget to check your state and local areas for resources. Here is one example from Missouri: CLICK HERE

State Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs (SPAP) are listed on See if your state has a program for your clients! CLICK HERE

Home Healthcare
There was a lot of interest on Home Healthcare. We have some resources on the University to help you better understand and offer Home Healthcare plans to your clients! CLICK HERE
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