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Now Enrolling Qualifying Families!

Good News!
We are currently enrolling families from our Child Care Eligibility List (CEL).

Families on the CEL will be contacted and assessed for eligibility.

Eligible families will be able to select the child care setting that best meets their family's needs.

Please complete a CEL application using the QR code to the left, visiting our website by clicking here, or by calling our office at 916-369-0191.

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We are inviting families to use our new search tool, My Child Care Plan, to find providers that meet their needs.

Updated profiles connect families in search of child care with providers who offer quality care. It's a win-win!

Providers: please call (916) 369-0191 or email us at to update your profile today!

To view our child care referral policies, visit our website.

For families seeking child care referrals:
The My Child Care Plan provider search tool produces a list of potential providers to fit each family’s needs for care.

We regularly update and maintain schedules, rates, and programs for licensed facilities, which means families receive reliable information in their search for child care.

Visit our Finding Child Care/Referrals page to check out this new child care search tool.

For additional support, contact us at (916) 369-0191
February is...
Black History Month is an annual celebration that recognizes the achievements of African Americans both past and present. Since 1976, every U.S. president has officially designated the month of February as Black History Month... Click here to read more
Culturally Responsive Child Care Programs

Culture impacts social identity and affects the way children learn.

Celebrating and recognizing children’s identities, cultures, and ethnicities builds self-esteem and positive self-image. Try these simple strategies to build an inclusive environment:

·Let children see themselves represented through diverse books and images.
·Encourage children and families to share their traditions and cultures.
·Incorporate culture and home language in print, artwork, music, and food.
Did You Know?
We are part of a network of agencies that advocate for child care, distribute child care subsidies, increase capacity and implement child care workforce development programs.

Click the logos below to visit each organization to learn more about their family and provider supports.

Also, to access member directories for information about subsidies and/or to obtain child care referrals for other California counties, visit:

Help paying for child care/subsidies for families: CAPPA Advocacy
Child care referrals and provider supports: R&R Network

The California Alternative Payment Program Association (CAPPA) strives to meet the unique economic needs of working families through increasing access to child care while supporting a pathway towards self-sufficiency and stability.
The California Child Care Resource & Referral Network (R&R) works to inspire, inform, and advocate for a quality child care system that supports all families in California.
On January 19th, we joined CAPPA and partners for the third annual End Child Poverty and Child Care Advocacy Day. CAI and allies collectively focused on providing children with food and child care. We shared the ongoing needs of Sacramento County's children, families, and child care providers with our local legislators and their staff in our efforts to end child poverty.

Budget items discussed:

1) Extending the waiver of family fees and creating an equitable sliding scale for family fees
2) Allowing providers to be paid based on child enrollment rather than attendance
3) Funding for staffing to help enroll families and connect them to quality child care

Click here for more information about the resources we shared with our legislators.

If you are a guardian or child care provider who would like to partner in advocacy, please email us at:

To keep up-to-date with our communications and advocacy,
follow us on social media.
Reminder! It's tax season!

Each year, we are required to provide independent contractors to whom we paid $600 or more per calendar year with an end of year statement that contains the total amount paid during the calendar year. 

To comply with IRS regulations, we issued forms 1099-NEC for all non-employee compensation income, under Box 1 and 1099-MISC for all non-subsidized child care payments such as stipends.

Some providers may have received two 1099's from us.
Please consult your tax professional for information on the 1099 forms and how they affect your tax filing.

For information on the payments from us, please call our Fiscal Department at 916-369-3224.

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Provider Trainings!
Visit the calendar of events on our website to view all of our provider workshops!
For questions, contact us at (916) 369-0191 or email
Virtual Sessions Available for Family, Friend, and Neighbor’s Providers
Did you know that we host Meaningful Experiences for Children workshops that offer relevant and fun information to equip you for great child care practices? Join us as we show you how to create meaningful play with various items that are already in your home.

Thursday, February 10th
10:00am – 11:00am
Developing a Culturally Responsive Child Care Program

We offer consultation and training in developing a culturally responsive child care program. 

Upcoming trainings:

Revealing Culture through Art
February 19, 2022

Culture Café – May 19, 2022
Resources for You

Play is fun AND improves learning! The resources page on our website hosts two articles about how play improves math and science literacy and develops collaboration among children.

Credit to the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and EdSource.
Family Child Care Providers – Are you looking to reduce food purchasing costs?

Beanstalk’s Child Care Food Program is designed to help children receive nutritious, well-balanced meals. The program is available to children under the age of 13 who are in licensed family childcare homes. Click here for more information!
Foster Care Bridge Attendance Form Reminder
Foster Care Bridge attendance forms are due by the 5th of the month! Please remember, scanned copies will not be accepted and only original forms will be processed.

Quick check: Is your form signed by both provider and parent? Is it dated? Is the billing portion complete? 

*Late forms will be processed with next month's attendance forms.

Submit attendance forms by mailing them to our office using the postage paid envelope provided or by placing them in our drop box located:

Child Action, Inc.
10540 White Rock Rd. Suite #180
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670
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