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Dear Friends,
Our hearts go out to those suffering during the COVID-19 pandemic. With students working from home during these challenging times, we are aware of the need to provide inspiration and curriculum. We encourage you to take advantage of MY HERO's FREE online resources for  distance   learning and access curated lesson plans in a diverse range of subjects. Teachers can access tools to manage and curate student work to share with classmates, parents and the school community online. 

Engage the family in daily conversation with ideas sparked by the MY HERO Calendar . Explore the MY HERO library to discover inspiring stories, films, audio, and art. MY HERO Contests encourage creativity and self-expression for homebound students and their families. All are invited to share their inspiring work.
If you have any questions, please feel free me contact me directly for assistance.
Laura Nietzer
Director Education Outreach
The MY HERO Project​
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Check out our Teachers Room to explore our content:

Lesson Plans (by discipline and grade level) 
ESL (stories with text and audio)
Guestbook (honor your hero with a short statement)
Calendar (celebrates heroes and UN observances)
To engage students, we are offering several media competitions - poetry, art and essay. (More information below). Come join us at MY HERO and enrich your distance learning connections.
Poetry Contest 6/1/ Deadline
Digital Mural Contest
Art Miles Digital Mural Contest — connected to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The mural can be done in any medium and mixed media, and as an individual project at home.
Essay Contest

Coronavirus Community Heroes Essay Contest — gives students the opportunity to honor heroes in their community who are working to help others during the pandemic.

Learn about our Film Festival and more Special Awards .
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