May 2017
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Helping All-Volunteer Groups
Take Action
One of the most beautiful facets of volunteerism happens when a group of people spot a problem and rise up together to take action. Volunteers may come together as an independently organized auxiliary, friends group, or project planning committee, or they may begin by protesting to evoke change. But if change doesn't come, activists may find ways to help informally, try to structure themselves with a board of directors, or even create a new nonprofit agency. Many of our most well-known nonprofit and human service organizations started this way. 

Spurred by fervor, need, or even crisis, this form of volunteering is organic and pure at its best but can also be disorganized, impulsive, and frustrating at its worst.  Luckily we have resources to help all-volunteer groups find positive ways of working together. See below. 
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When Everyone's a Volunteer
The Effective Functioning of All-Volunteer Groups
Provides an innovative framework for successfully leading an all-volunteer effort, whether it's a service club, community group, PTA, or religious congregation.

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The Secrets of Successful Boards
The Best from the Nonprofit Pros
A Boards 101 book ideal for leaders of all-volunteer associations, or for anyone starting a nonprofit from the ground up, with chapters by ten well-known authorities on boards.

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Engaging the Head, Heart and Hands of a Volunteer
A Simple Guide for Leaders to Feed the Passion of Those Who Choose to Serve

Speaking to leaders of volunteers, this book is a simple guide focusing on feeding the passion of those who choose to serve.  All-volunteer groups can learn to  engage, sustain, and at times, redirect the passions of fellow group members to keep the energy going and accomplish change. 

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Self-Help Accounting, 2nd Edition
A Guide for the Volunteer Treasurer

A how-to guide to fulfilling the role of board treasurer, written in simple, clear language for the non-accountant. Perfect for groups who are just starting out.

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Making Dreams Come True without Money, Might or Miracles
A Guide for Dream-Chasers and Dream-Catchers

Every important social, community, and personal change starts with a spark of inspiration flamed by creativity and will. All-volunteer groups often have that spark; how do they keep the flame burning? This book gives advice for creating an environment that allows dreams to become reality.

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Good Guys
The Eight Steps to Limitless Possibility for Fraternity Recruitment

Learn to develop a dynamic membership development campaign by applying great, practical tips from two college fraternity leaders. (Not just for recruiting volunteers on campus!)

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This edition of "Along the Web," a journal section presenting volunteer related materials and sites found on the Web, focuses on resources to help board members deal with the fundamental issues facing all-volunteer organizations. 

Managing Volunteer Conflict in Churches
Just as all other nonprofit organizations, faith communities rely on the volunteer efforts of members to function properly. The ability of church volunteers to work together effectively is critical (and the same is true in synagogues, mosques, and meetings!). Learn some practical ways to diffuse or resolve problems.

This training offers leaders of volunteers in small organizations or all-volunteer organizations a chance to explore the challenges when volunteers are responsible for most of the work and staff resources are slim to nonexistent. How to insure follow-up? How to avoid burn out? How to bring in new members?