September 2016
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Start with Your Neighbors When
Building a Circle of Resources
SEPTEMBER in the United States brings a fairly new celebration that is catching on: National Neighborhood Day. What a great opportunity for leaders of volunteers to reach out and get to know those around us. Neighbors may be our biggest supporters and could become the first layer of your " circle of resources ." See our resources below to help you build that circle. 

The Volunteer Recruitment (and Membership Development) Book
In this 3rd edition of our classic book, author Susan J. Ellis helps you to f ind fresh sources of volunteers available in any community, including neighbors you never knew you had using her "proximity chart." 

PDF e-book
A Toolkit for Volunteer Speed Matching (e-book)
Easily plan a fun and upbeat community event that's trendy and works!  Speed dating meets volunteer recruiting.  Find the "perfect match" between volunteers and volunteer-involving organizations.The Toolkit is very practical, yet a short and delightful read... as if it were an event out of Bridget Jones's Diary!

step by step cover
PDF e-book
A Young Person's Guide to Positive Community Change (e-book)
A booklet that can help you guide teens in developing effective strategies to get things done in their community. It speaks directly to young people, giving them practical ideas for c hanging something in their school, neighborhood, or family. 

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