June 2018
Buzzing about Practical and Thoughtful Volunteer Management Resources
How Can We Motivate Volunteers?
Earlier this month in our June Volunteer Management Hot Topic, Rob Jackson, expert in volunteer management training and consulting, challenged us to think about providing incentives for volunteers. Are they really the best way to motivate volunteers? Many thinkers and practitioners in the field of volunteer management have their own theories on why and how volunteers become energized and committed to their work. See the following resources in which motivating volunteers is discussed. 
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Keeping Volunteers A Guide to Retention
Relying on hundreds of program experiences and studies from around the world,  Keeping Volunteers  is the first to take a global perspective of effective techniques for ensuring that volunteers feel valued, recognized, and connected with the organization's mission. Identify what motivates volunteers to stay involved and prevent volunteer "burnout."

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Engaging the Head, Heart and Hands of a Volunteer
A Simple Guide for Leaders to Feed the Passion of Those Who Choose to Serve

Prepare, guide, support and inspire volunteers to continue to offer their unique gifts.


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Module 4 in The 55-Minute Staff Training Series

The Volunteer Motivation Training Module explores why people volunteer and teaches how to respect and respond to differences in motivational needs. Great for teaching others in your organization about motivating volunteers. Includes ready-to-go presentation slides and a trainer's script. 

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Understanding and Equipping the 21st Century Volunteer

Jonathan McKee and Thomas McKee present a bounty of helpful resources to assist you in harnessing the passion and potential of volunteers. You'll experience results that will reward both your organization and them.  

NOTE: Available only in ePub (tablets, readers) or MOBI (Kindles). 

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What We Learned (the Hard Way) about Supervising Volunteers
An Action Guide to Making Your Job Easier
Packed with the advice, wisdom, and experience of over 85 real-life, on-the-job supervisors of volunteers, this guide offers a crystal clear analysis of what works and what doesn't in supervision. Chapter 5 focuses on coaching and encouraging a team of volunteers. 
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101 Ways to Move Your Organization Forward

This guidebook expands on that concept of engaging "highly-skilled" volunteers, highlighting ways real organizations have found creative and innovative volunteer projects for a wide range of volunteers, often teaming them up with agency executives. The "101 ways" refers to the unusual and intriguing titles proposed for such positions along with each case study. Read them and consider new ways to engage experienced, retired people. 

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