July 2018
Buzzing about Practical and Thoughtful Volunteer Management Resources
Inspired Reading for
Leaders in Volunteerism
Strengthen your ability as a leader by adding inspirational and thought-provoking readings to your professional development plan. Coordination and administration are important to get the job done; vision and passion help you lead people toward impact. Here are some titles that will help boost your passion for working in the volunteerism field and challenge the way you think about leading volunteers.  
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Visionary Leadership in Volunteer Programs
Insight and Inspiration from the Speeches of Marlene Wilson
Marlene Wilson moves from the hows to the whys of leading volunteer programs. She urges all who lead volunteers to move beyond thinking of themselves as managers to thinking of themselves as leaders-those who develop vision for volunteer programs and impart that vision throughout an organization.

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 Volunteering and the Test of Time
Essays for policy, organization and research
Get an introduction to the world of volunteering research with nine provocative, accessible, and useful essays. Providing an in-depth exploration of topics such as the management of disaster volunteers, different cultural concepts of volunteering, and new styles of youth volunteering, this book will be of interest to the practitioner and academic alike.
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How Talent (Not Money) Will Transform Your Organization

Offering an innovative approach to drive transformative change in not-for-profit organizations, the book infuses theory with tips, case studies and practical tools to show how organizations can attract, meaningfully engage, and integrate the 21st century volunteer. From organizational culture to planning, from great governance to excellent people processes, The Abundant Not-for-Profit offers leaders a new road map to transform their organizations with talent, not money. 

A Guide for Dream-Chasers and Dream-Catchers

Every important social, community, and personal change starts with a spark of inspiration flamed by creativity and will. But all too often, dream-chasers never even start the race. An ideal book for volunteer managers who play the role of "dream-catchers" every day. Aren't most volunteers "dreamers?" 

A Guide for Dream-Chasers and Dream-Catchers

A practical, you-can-do-it guidebook for activist volunteers and their mentors, showing what dreamers and "dream-catchers" must do to bring dreams to life. An ideal book for volunteer managers who play the role of "dream-catchers" every day. After all, aren't most volunteers "dreamers?" 

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"Voices from the Past" Collection
Compilation of Articles from e-Volunteerism

Re-discover the lost history of volunteering with this compilation of 12 articles. Includes profiles of pioneers in our field (Harriet Naylor, Alec Dickson, Eva Schindler-Rainman), to the founding of major organizations (St. John Ambulance, March of Dimes, American Lung Association), and the contribution of volunteers to other causes, such as the creation of the Oxford English Dictionary

The Recruiting of a Nation

Published in 1980, Exploring Volunteer Space is still amazingly relevant today. It is a philosophic-yet-practical exploration of the universe of volunteering, attempting to describe, define and explain how and where volunteering occurs. Written by volunteerism guru, Ivan H. Scheier, this book is a little treasure for those passionate and fascinated about the philosophy of volunteerism. 

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