August 2018
Buzzing about Practical and Thoughtful Volunteer Management Resources
Engaging Kids and Teens
as Volunteers

Young volunteers can spark new experiences, share different perspectives, and make first steps into becoming life-long supporters. To make engaging children or youth successful, be sure to consider the challenges as well as benefits and prepare your organization. 

For resources on engaging young volunteers, visit the Children and Teens section of the Energize, Inc. Online Bookstore.  Here are a few highlights below.

PDF e-book
Going Public about Young People's Power
Provocative booklet that urges a new attitude toward young people as affected by adultism and shows how to be more welcoming to young leaders. 

PDF e-book
Stories and Strategies of Youth-Adult Partnerships That Succeed
Stories and strategies of youth-adult partnerships that succeed, with over 20 reproducible tools to help you engage youth participants to the greatest effect in your organization.

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PDF e-book
Best Practices for Engaging Youth as Volunteers

An assessment and planning tool for developing best practices for dealing with young people as volunteers, complete with forms to copy and use again.

Print and PDF e-book
Preparing for Community Service, 3rd Edition
Tap into a whole new source of volunteers if you keep an open mind!  Learn how to recruit, train, and design assignments for volunteers under the age of fourteen. Plus, special sections discuss mandated school-based community service and legal issues.
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