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Community Resources for Students
Community Resources
We understand this is a difficult time for our students on many different aspects. Here are some resources and tips to help to succeed

Free educational / Home Schooling programs

Housing Resources
Together We Rise is asking If you are or if you know of a foster youth that is staying at a college dorm room that is going to be closed due to the coronavirus, please email info@togetherwerise.org and they will provide or help you find housing during this transition.

Hunger Resources

Medical Resources

Wifi and Internet Options
our web page has a list of low cost internet options

Free ebooks
Our Library has created a list of free resources and ebooks
Tips for Online Classes

1) Be patient with your professor and your fellow classmates. It's possible neither your professor nor your classmates have ever done online work before even though you might have.
2) Be patient with the technology. If your professor is having everyone log in at once with video chat, there might be some serious kinks with that at first. If you know what you are doing, volunteer to help the professor. If you don't know, please be patient.
3) If something isn't working in the class (an assignment isn't open even though your professor said it would be open, a link isn't working, whatever), do not assume it will magically start working. Email your instructor immediately through Canvas.
4) Communication is key. From an instructor: When I teach, I can see your face. I can see you nod when you understand and crinkle your brow when you don't. I can't see that online, and even in a synchronous video chat I'm likely to miss it because scanning a screen isn't the same as scanning a room. If you do not understand something, it's imperative that you reach out to your professor.
5) Due dates: If you are a last minute kind of student, break that habit in the next week. At the very least go in and open the assignment, check to make sure any links work for you, that you have access to all the material you need to do the assignment, etc. You won't be able to quickly poll your classmates about a quiz or in class assignment before the prof walks in the door. And you might have multiple things all due at the same time if everyone reverts to a "Sunday at 11:59pm" due date. Time management is going to keep you sane. 
6) If you get sick, or someone in your house gets sick and that disrupts your work, that is an email to your professor BEFORE a due date.
Thank you for your patience with us! We are in this together!
Microsoft 365
Did you know your WVM email address gives you access to Microsoft 365 products like Word, Excel and Powerpoint? Log into Canvas to see it.
Again, your health and safety is of utmost importance to all of us. 
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