As you know, in compliance with our governor’s request for “social distancing,” worship services are not being held at St. John’s this Sunday, March 15 or next Sunday, March 22. Please take some time on Sunday to pray and to spend some time with God.

You may wish to join me in watching The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection’s (Rev. Adam Hamilton is the author of several Bible studies we’ve done) online service on Sunday morning . Services are listed on the website ( at 7:30, 9:15, 11:00, or Sunday evening at 5pm but remember that Kansas City is Central time, so they are one hour behind us (for us, then, the first service is at 8:30 am).

Please also take some time to pray – I’m attaching “A Prayer Amid An Epidemic” for your use. I’m also attaching a manuscript of the sermon I was planning to preach this Sunday.

As always, you are all in my prayers, especially as we navigate the uncertainty of these next few weeks.

Pastor Janice

Why, Lord?
John 9: 1-12

Tragedy and the threat of tragedy can strike so quickly and so unexpectedly, isn’t that true? And there is never enough time to prepare for it. In a way, we are more or less living this right now. Oh, for a few months, we’ve been hearing the word “Coronavirus,” but we didn’t pay it much mind. It was something that seemed very far away and we didn’t think there was any reason to believe that it was going to change our lives in any significant way. And yet here we are, hunkered down on a Sunday morning, doing the “social distancing” thing that our governor has asked us to do as we attempt to stop the virus in its tracks.
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Rev. Janice A. Puliti