During my Open Office hours every Monday, I've observed that many people stop by to get help finding resources to address a number of needs. Please see a list below for information and resources to address the most common questions and needs that I hear in my office. For more specific information dealing with your particular issue or question, please feel free to stop by during Monday's Open Office hours or click here to view the 46th Ward website.

Zoned Parking & Daily Passes
Click here to review the areas within the 46th Ward that have zoned parking. Residents with cars within zone parking areas obtain their parking sticker through the City Clerk Office. The City Clerk makes it easier than ever to order zoned daily passes online. Click here to order through the City Clerk's Office or drop by the 46th Ward Office to purchase them.
Public Safety
Chronic issues that affect public safety are often addressed through CAPS, which are community meetings held every 2 months. Click here to learn about the time & location of your local CAPS meeting. I use information from CAPS meetings to address public safety concerns related to area businesses and residential buildings. You can also follow them on Twitter: ChicagoCAPS19 and ChicagoCAPS20.
Discrimination Complaints
Chicago's Commission on Human Relations addresses discrimination include issues related to housing, employment, public accommodations, and credit. Click here for more information.
Mediation Services
The Inter-Group Relations, a part of the Commission on Human Relations, responds to requests for individual or communities involved in a dispute and attempts to reach a resolution. Click here for more information.
Affordable Housing Providers
Click here to view a list of providers of affordable housing within the 46th Ward. Also, a number of market-rate buildings accept rent vouchers from the Chicago Low Income Housing Trust Fund for individuals with very low incomes. Click here for more information
Soup Kitchens & Food Pantries
The 46th Ward has soup kitchens in the area that can provide a meal each day of the week. Click here to obtain a listing of soup kitchens and food pantries in the area.
Behavioral Health Services
The American Affordable Care Act has opened up options for many people, including anyone on Social Security disability, to get the behavioral health care they need. In Chicago, there are over a hundred different providers. Click here to obtain more information about services within the 46th Ward.
Employment Services
There are several different social service providers that provide job training, coaching, and assistance with locating employment. Click here for more information.
Youth Programming
The 46th Ward has a large number of youth programming in all different parts of the 46th Ward so that no one should ever have to venture far from their home. Click here for a listing. Many also take advantage of Margate, Clarendon Park, Chase, and Gill Park Community Centers as well.
Senior Services
Both the 46th Ward and the City of Chicago offer different types of services for seniors. Click here to get more information.

Zoning Look-up
Click here to view the zoning classification of any property within the City of Chicago. Your local chamber of commerce has a listing of the many business properties for sale or lease in the area.
Locating a Commercial Space
Click here to contact one of the different chambers of commerce within the 46th Ward. They keep an updated listing of available sites.
Business Assistance
The 46th Ward and the City of Chicago benefits when businesses are successful. Click here to connect with the City's Small Business Center, which provides all the information and resources you need to help your business succeed. Your local chamber of commerce can also provide helpful assistance with improving your street presence.
Public Right of Way Permit Process
Permits are required for anything on or over the City's public way, including signs and lighting.  Click here for more information.
Loading Zone & Standing Zone Process
Business that have a lot of deliveries or have a need for customers to stop by quickly for a pickup can apply for a loading or standing zone in front of their business. Click here for more information.

One last valuable resource for all kinds of information is your local public library. Libraries aren't just for books anymore. . . they can link you up to just about anything you need and they also have great programming for people of all ages and all interests. Both the Bezazian Library the Uptown Branch Library have incredible staff who are a wealth of information for the community.

    Best wishes for a wonderful 2016,


Click here for more information about recycling your Christmas tree.


The Chicago Dept of Transportation (CDOT) administers the Shared Cost Sidewalk Program each year. Last year, there were over 1,900 requests were received within the first 12 hours. You can apply for this program no sooner than January 12, 2016. Click here to learn more about this program or call John Sadler at 312-744-0488.

All condo refuse rebates are due by Friday, January 8, 2016 to Alderman Cappleman's office. Only residents who have previously received these rebates are eligible. Click here to find all the needed information and forms to complete. Please turn in all of your documentation to the 46th Ward Office by Friday, January 8 at 5pm. Email info@james46.org with any questions.




Thai Uptown is a mainstay in the community that many people have come to appreciate over the years. On Christmas Eve, they also served over 140 people in need a free holiday meal as a way of giving back to the community they love. Christian Fellowship for All Nations partnered up with them and also distributed free coats and toys at the same time. Stop by for a meal when you get the chance... your help with help them continue to reaching out to others in need.
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