If you are interested in learning how to implement affordable housing programs within your CRA, then join us for the upcoming Affordable/Workforce Housing in CRAs...Programs and Planning Strategies Webinar on Tuesday, April 28!

Housing affordability is vital to the social and economic sustainability of your communities. By CRAs implementing affordable/workforce housing in their community planning, young families, seniors and employees directly benefit and become more successful.

Presenters include Sandra Veszi Einhorn , executive director of the Coordinating Council of Broward and Jeffrey R. Tart , senior loan officer of the South Florida Regional Planning Council's Revolving Loan Fund Program.

We encourage you to take this opportunity to learn about programs and planning strategies being utilized in Broward County to help address the need for affordable/workforce housing in local CRAs!

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Congratulations to the Gainesville CRA for receiving the 2019 Annual Report Award for the "Reinvesting in People and Places" 2018 Annual Report.
In the report, the Gainesville CRA highlights the accomplishments of the fiscal year with a focus on the local impact of each initiative.

Through the use of data and stories, the report gives a big picture view of the year’s activities and celebrates the mile markers, large and small, reached along the way.

The Gainesville CRA strives to carry out projects and programs that improve the quality of life and instill pride in the areas it serves.
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Planner I - City of Largo

The City of Largo is seeking a planner to provide a first point of contact for developers, citizens and professionals seeking information on the planning process and answers to specific land use questions in the City of Largo.

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Planning Supervisor - City of Fort Walton Beach

The City of Fort Walton Beach is seeking a planning supervisor responsible for professional level, long range and current planning and zoning work in connection with ensuring compliance with applicable federal, state and local regulations. 

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"Does anyone have a City Council resolution or other instrument they could share whereby a City’s City Council has approved by a majority vote to allow their CRA to continue its existence beyond the September 2039 termination date specified in Sec 163.3755?"

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Grant Administration Services
NW 79th Street Corridor CRA

The NW 79th Street Corridor CRA in Miami-Dade County is seeking proposals for grant administration services.

The selected proposer will serve as the “CRA Grants Administrator,” by managing the CRA’s Area Improvement & Redevelopment Grant Program (AIRGP).

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The first Academy course of 2020 is full!

Operations and Capacity Building will cover CRA governance, strategic planning, finding federal funding and more! The course will be held February 21 at the FLC University Training Center.

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The Affordable Housing in CRAs Webinar is set for Tuesday, April 28, 2020 at 10 a.m. EDT.

Take this opportunity to learn about programs and planning strategies as well as grant monies being utilized in Broward County to help address the need for affordable/workforce housing in local CRAs!
February 6, 2020

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