Dear friends, hope you are staying safe and staying strong. 
We have been very touched by people from all around the world, coming together at our community events to support each other in processing this intense experience of the coronavirus pandemic.  

There are more continuing and new events coming up - scroll down to find out and register. (And appreciating everyone for your patience with our imperfect systems!) We have been very honored by the generous donations coming in to help us continue to share Processwork with more people. 

At PWI we are working hard to adapt and flow with these times. I’ve been personally disturbed recently by the so-called freedom marchers, folks who are protesting the public health measures we know as ’shelter in place’, stay at home, save lives, lockdowns. Measures that we know are working. Measures that health care workers around the world are begging us to take.

Why do the freedom marchers go against these measures? I find myself furious at them, deeply disturbed by what looks like selfishness or stupidity. And yet I know they are a role, and, like all roles in a group process, it belongs to all of us.  

On one level it looks a lot like supremacy (“we” are not like “them” - the virus is “foreign”). This is very hurtful, particularly as the pandemic amplifies existing social and racial injustices and (for example) impacts people of color in the US, to a shocking and devastating degree. 

I take a moment to practice the innerwork that Arny teaches us ... taking a breath and relaxing, I let myself drop my ordinary self and become dreamy. I feel my way into the role of the freedom marchers, and find a part of me that refuses to be constrained by physical limitations. 

This part of me will not be bound by what others call “reality”: facts, figures, science … Ahhhh, I feel relief. It is a part of me that is infinite. I feel the infinite part of my nature beyond all the physical, biological constraints of my embodied being, and I find my generosity again.  We are infinite and also finite. (For more on this theme, check out Sofia Ilia’s final project about what she called “the double edge to vulnerability and power” )

We are limited and we are something that dreams and flows beyond all consensus reality constraints. Without connection to this infinite flow, life might not be worth living. 

Now I can love the troubling role, and ask it to care for our vulnerability. Yes to the infinite but also yes to knowing we are biological and social creatures: vulnerable to respiratory infections, to the grief of losing beloved people and communities, dependent on the web of relationships between us. 

How are you coping? What dreaming processes are emerging for you? Join one of our community events to share and unfold these impacts together.

Some resources to check out ...
Make sure to try Arny’s exercise for unfolding coronavirus experiences

Arnold Mindell: The Corona Virus is not just bad or scary. It can also remind us of our dreams, that is our DREAMBODY, i.e., how the body is moved by dreams.

Here is how:
I. Imagine you get the virus. Feel+act out the imagined "illness" in your own way
II. Now notice how your breathing moves you and creates images of your "virus" experience.
III. Become those images now and IN DAILY LIFE so you don't have to get sick to be and live more creatively. 

Join Arny and Amy via livestream on May 30 and June 1st , for more ways to use dreaming to make sense of impossible times.
No-one turned away for lack of funds.  
Watch the recording of Dawn Menken's live webinar: Engaging with Dying, Death and Grief, presented April 2, 2020.

Enjoy our latest blog post - Bara Sedlakova's Corona Virus Dreaming .

And, special shout out to PWI graduates, Maraya Karena and Cathy MacDonald, co-founders of Processwork Online . We send a deep bow of thanks for their support of PWI during these challenging times. 

Processwork Online is celebrating their 2 year anniversary with a special 2 day global symposium May 2-3 , coming up this weekend! Don’t miss it!

Love from all of us here
Hellene Gronda, Executive Director
Ph.D, PW. Dipl, MA, BSc/BA(Hons) 
Hellene has a life-long interest in personal and collective change and has been inspired by Processwork for over 30 years. An experienced leader in government and nonprofit settings she values the deep optimism and courageous spirit of Processwork, and its ability to find creative and unexpected solutions to the most difficult, confusing or inexplicable challenges.
Lockdown Hero

For the last month, Kelly Queen has been keeping PWI afloat, working in the office alone most days, taking care of the building, answering phones, receiving the mail and doing all the normal and new and unusual tasks that it takes to keep things running. We are incredibly grateful for her frontline work.

"Caught between complacency & hysteria, I'm in a bubble ready to burst. I miss everyone and everything and I look forward to finding our new normal where we can come together" ... Kelly Queen, PWI Office Legend
COVID-19: Humanity’s 2020 Global Teacher, Ready or Not ... with Emetchi
Thursday, May 14th
9-10.30am OR 4-5.30pm PST
Thursday, May 21st
9-10.30am OR 4-5.30pm PST
Thursday, May 28th
9-10.30am OR 4-5.30pm PST
(choose 1 class time each day)

Everyone welcome ~ free of charge donations appreciated

We are over two months into the explosion of the invisible highly infectious and often deadly COVID-19 virus with cascading crises happening as we humans learn more about it and adapt our lives around it. Like most social traumas it brings out both the worst and best aspects of human nature irrespective of our walk in life or in the context within which the virus affects us.

Join is for a trauma-informed processwork oriented learning adventure where we will:
  • restock our everyday toolkit and use our dreaming mind to alchemize anxiety and suffering
  • look at phases of experience and ways to make meaning and connect to mythical underpinnings
  • facing tomorrow – reorient our collective direction or business as usual?

An exploration of a global symptom
and how to live with it
with Ingrid Rose

Thursday, April 30, 9-11am PST
Free of charge ~ donations appreciated

Community Meetings during extraordinary COVID-19 times
hosted by Elva Redwood
Open space to connect, hold & deepen our experiences during these extraordinary times
May 3rd, 6-7:30pm PST
May 10th, 8-9:30am PST
May 17th, 6-7:30pm PST
May 24th, 9-10:30am PST
May 31st 6-7:30pm PST

From Elva: "Thanks to all those who’ve been joining us for online community meetings. We’ve had people join from so many countries; Slovakia, India, Thailand, France, Australia, Brazil, and many other places. Each meeting has been different, and we have explored experiences of the pandemic and staying home on personal and world levels. For me, Elva, each week I feel so connected to new and old friends and very grateful for the opportunity to delve deep and process together."
All Hands for Art!
Art of U

with Kara Wilde & Suzette Payne

T uesday, May 5th, noon - 1pm PST

Free of charge ~ all welcome ~ no art experience is needed

You are invited to share online community time making art together & exploring the Coronavirus in our lives, or whatever is pressing to you that you would like to deepen. Creativity & community & PW can support us together to deepen & share our wisdoms, which we need. Our Hands and yours to make Art and connect and infect us with hope and our healing imaginations.
More info here !
Special Online Dreambody Medicine Forums
Community Space to Process Experiences of COVID-19
with the  Dreambody Medicine Team : Kara Wilde, Pierre Morin, Jai Tomlin & Emetchi

Friday, May 8th, 7pm-8:30pm PST

Saturdays, May 23rd & June 6th
10-11:30am PST

Free of charge ~ No registration required

Join us for a special series of forums focused on the Coronavirus. In these forums we will explore the link between individual experience of body symptoms with larger cultural and social issues. We hope to bring an atmosphere of exploration, curiosity and enrichment.
More info here !
Online Case Supervision
with Dawn Menken

Wednesdays, 5:00-6:30pm PST
April 29th, May 27th, June 17th
Wednesdays, 11:00am-12:30pm PST
May 13th & June 10th

Case supervision provides an opportunity to develop a process-oriented approach to working with individuals, couples & groups by working with real-life examples from participants. Participants will have the opportunity to be selected to present cases from their professional or personal life & receive individualized coaching, while the group observes & learns together.

Attend a single class, or sign up for a bundle of 3.

Join us online!
New World Leader-Facilitator Training Seminar To Realize Your Greatest Dreams For Our World
with Arny & Amy Mindell

Saturday, May 30th
10am - 1pm & 2:30-5:30pm PST
Arny in Berlin
Our innerwork, relationships, groups and world suffer from persistent conflicts. Come learn more about your own special way to work best and flow with inner problems, relationships, communities, and international conflicts, including coronavirus.


Early registration deadline May 16th

sliding scale option available
Online SUPERVISION for Individual, Relationship and Group Processwork: Support & Learning for a Better World
with Arny Mindell

Monday, June 1st, 4:30 - 7:30pm PST

Early registration deadline May 16th
sliding scale option available
Read the newest blog post

by Barbora Sedlakova
Processwork Online is hosting a 2 day free symposium May 2nd & 3rd


15 international presenters will share the unique ways they apply Processwork in their lives & work.

Class series with Gary Reiss!
in person if safe - updates in June
Dreambody and Deep Bodywork
Saturday & Sunday, July 18th - 19th
Early registration deadline July 3rd

Altered & Extreme States
Saturday & Sunday, September 12th - 13th
Early registration deadline August 29th

Healing History - Working with Personal & Historical Trauma
Saturday & Sunday, November 21st - 22nd
Early registration deadline November 7th

If you would like to attend all courses please call PWI (503-223-8188) to register and receive discount pricing.  

We are grateful for our processwork community and how people are coming together, sharing offerings and caring for each another. If you feel moved and able to support us financially during these precarious times you can donate here .
Questions? Talk to Melissa

Remember you can always chat with our Outreach Coordinator, Melissa Perry, to find out more or explore the full range of training opportunities at the Process Work Institute.

Reach Melissa at
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