March 2020
Resources for Remote Learners
New Video Series from Our Staff

Cricksoft's writing support has been designed for student’s who are learning to compile sentences while struggling with the basics. Through their systematic approach, user’s are empowered to overcome writing challenges. Take a look at this video which includes a webinar directly from Cricksoft.

Education Rocks!

Mind mapping can help a writer to collect and organize their thoughts before putting pen to paper. Learn about this technique through a webinar directly from Mindware.

Free Resources

Crisksoft is providing a free six-week trial of the Windows/Mac Clicker8 software. This package provides writing support through a kid-friendly word processing format which provides word banks, picture-based vocabularies, and word prediction.

Use Activation Code: 8TEXB XAFAK NXXFC Q9UTM for your free trial

Veroniiiica is a national homework hotline free for the blind and visually impaired. The service is staffed by volunteers including TVIs, assistive technology specialists, tutors, blind/low vision mentors, STEM professionals, and college students.

They are offering free Audiobooks for students during the Covid-19 crisis. All stories are free to stream on your computer, phone, or tablet.

Perkins is providing podcasts by leaders in the field of visual impairment to help better equip listeners to educate children with hearing loss.

The Sign Glass platform has been designed to Improve learning
for deaf students. This system allows students to receive live sign language interpreting overlaid on top of the classroom environment through a pair of smart glasses or via a on screen feed.

Glean is a note taking tool from Sonocent which allows students to take notes independently, and has dedicated tools for recording and making notes during online classes. The offer allows institutions to get free access to the tool for an unlimited number of students. Glean is designed to be so simple that students can learn how to use it themselves in as little as five minutes. It now includes dedicated tools for online learning, meaning students can take notes independently and record lectures wherever they are.


Be well. Take care of yourself and family.

From Missouri Assistive Technology Staff