October 2017
Where do you go for the latest industry news?

The Home Health Quality Improvement National Campaign (HHQI) values your input to help us get our resources and information in front of more home health and quality improvement professionals like you. This month, we want to know: Where do you go for the latest home health industry news?  Is it a specific publication, an association, an e-newsletter, listserv, or some other source? Please  send us a quick email to let us know. 

And no, we're not fishing for compliments. We know you get info from HHQI because you're reading Inside Edition right now.  We want to know where we should be sharing our information to reach even more dedicated home health professionals like you. Thank you for your time. We'd really appreciate hearing from you!


Each month, the industry shines a spotlight on a variety of health and healthcare-related topics to heighten awareness, increase education, or recognize the contributions of professional groups.

To help your organization participate in these observances, Inside Edition features relevant free resources from HHQI. Please note: Registration on the HHQI campaign website is required to access to some of these featured resources. It's easy and free!
Depression Education & Awareness Month
New HHQI University CE Course
The Million Hearts ® Toolbox  for HTN Control & Beyond

Because it is uncontrolled among almost 50% of hypertensive  patients, high blood pressure continues to be a national issue. What is your organization doing to improve blood pressure control? Not sure or overwhelmed deciding where to begin or what to add next?

To successfully complete the  Million Hearts Toolbox course and earn 1.25 hours of nursing continuing education (CE) credit, you will watch the 60-minute September 2017 CardioLAN webinar and complete an evaluation. The webinar highlights evidence-based tools and resources for hypertension control, including a comprehensive quality improvement change package, standardized treatment protocols, and self-measured blood pressure monitoring.  Related cardiovascular disease prevention tools are also included. Learn how to enroll.


October 2017 HHQI Agency of the Month

This month, HHQI recognizes Health Related Home Care in Abbeville, South Carolina for their dedication to improving home health care quality.

Home health agencies that are active in the HHQI National Campaign and closest to the  national, r isk-adjusted ACH 20th percentile and/or the national, risk-adjusted Oral Medication Improvement 80th percentile (or better) are eligible for random selection as HHQI Agency of the Month. 

Be in the spotlight.  Nominate your agency today , and if you are selected, your organization will be prominently featured here in HHQI Inside Edition -- which reaches more than 14,000 subscribers -- and on the HHQI website. Your achievement will also be shared via HHQI's social media channels.



Save the Dates
'Third Thursdays' Event Schedule
Home health professionals are busy. Now, there's an understatement. In order to make the most of your limited time, HHQI's three primary online Networking events -- LiveChat, Cardiovascular Learning & Action Network (CardioLAN) webinars, and Underserved Populations (UP) webinars -- will  each be held quarterly. 

Events will rotate to always begin at  2pm (ET) on the third Thursday of the month.

(details below)
MAY 18
CardioLAN Webinars

Click on the Networking Event type above for available registration or reminder links. You can also browse our online event calendar  or subscribe to our mailing lists  to receive details (topics, objectives, speaker info, & registration links) as soon as they are available. 
Quarterly UP Network Webinar | October 19, 2017 | 2-3pm ET
Creating Dementia-Capable Systems of Healthcare

elderly man looking out window This educational webinar will discuss ways your organization and clinicians can improve the care of dementia patients in the community setting. Debra Cherry, BA, MA, PhD, Executive Vice President of Alzheimer's Greater Los Angeles, will share how to use components from a Dementia Cal MediConnect Project that her organization found to be successful. She will discuss indicators, barriers, and strategies to improve the dementia care provided by your organization. Learn more.

QIO News October 2017

The October 2017 of QIO News focuses on how including patients, families and advocates in health care decision-making and policy development can improve outcomes. 

In the Q&A with Sue Sheridan , CMS' Patient and Family Engagement Adviser talks about operationalizing CMS' Person and Family Engagement (PFE) Strategy and how she came to be a patient advocate.


Upcoming Industry Webinars, Courses & Other Events

October 10, 2017
2-3pm ET
Medicare Learning Network (MLN)
October 11, 2017
1-2pm ET
October 11, 2017
3-4:30pm ET
Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) Program Medication Safety Learning & Action Network (LAN)
October 11, 2017
5:30pm ET
Facebook Live  Event: 
Flu, Flu Vaccines & the Upcoming Flu Season with  CDC expert Dr. Dan Jernigan
October 12, 2017
2-3pm ET
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
October 24-27, 2017
#FluStory Twitter Storm Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
October 25, 2017
11am-1pm ET
International Home Care Nurses Organization
On-demand Johns Hopkins University
Centers for Technical Assistance and Training in Emory's Rollins School of Public Health
On-demand Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
free registration required
On-demand Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
On-demand Open School*
More than 30 online courses in quality, safety, leadership, the Triple Aim, and patient-centered care
Institute for Healthcare Improvement
Open Door Forums audio podcasts
If you missed the original live event, you can listen to the recording here
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
On-demand CDC-NDEP
*Continuing education credit is included, available, or pending.
Current & Upcoming Health-Related Observances

Each month, the healthcare industry puts the spotlight on a variety of health & wellness issues that impact home health patients and professionals. Follow the links below for more information and resources to get involved and help spread awareness. You can also follow HHQI on Facebook , Twitter  and LinkedIn for ongoing related content.


Home Health Compare will be refreshed in October 2017 and will include the same data collection periods as the July 2017 refresh (updated July 12, 2017) for measures based on OASIS data: ( https://www.medicare.gov/HomeHealthCompare/Data/Current-Data-Collection-Periods.html). 

The value of some OASIS-based measures may have changed slightly to reflect submission of late or corrected OASIS data. The reporting period for HH CAHPS and claims-based measures will be updated.

The OASIS data will reflect any revisions or corrections made by HHAs as of Friday, August 25, 2017. This change may impact individual quality measure and Quality of Patient Care Star Ratings for some agencies.

The table below provides applicable dates.

Preview reports available in CASPER August 11, 2017
Quality of Patient Care Star Rating suppression request deadline September 5, 2017
Deadline for submitting missing or corrected data August 25, 2017
Home Health Compare updated
October 2017

This is an update from a previous Spotlight announcement on November 14, 2016. Please note that the next full update to Home Health Compare will occur in January 2018.

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