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April 2020
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While you and your workforce acclimate to the new virtual workplace, you are top of mind for BPI group. We continue to provide the leadership, talent development, and career transition strategies and programs that you and your team need to be successful, regardless of where your workforce resides.

We are 100% committed to maintaining our business continuity at this time, and helping you do the same. For resources on leadership, engagement, and productivity, please visit our COVID-19 Resources Page .

Additionally, we have numerous virtual services and have been converting many of our planned in-person workshops or coaching sessions into virtual formats. We continue to provide 1-2 live training sessions per day and are adding more to address our current environment.

We are here for you. Let us know how we can help.
5 Ways HR Can Impact Business Strategy

Are you restructuring, planning a new tech rollout, or simply want to improve performance? HR insights are critical elements of a robust, actionable business strategy. We’ve shared five ways talent leaders can impact strategy development.
“Your support and professionalism helped me through a period of my life when I needed a trusted advisor the most."
[PODCASTS] Taking the Lead: Interviews with Industry Leaders

In challenging circumstances, it may be helpful to hear from peers and leaders who have successfully navigated their own difficult situations. Different, new perspectives may provide insight into troubleshooting a particular business issue.

In our Taking the Lead series, we talk with C-suite and other senior leaders about solving various organizational problems and moving businesses forward.
Employee Engagement: When Kombucha Just Doesn’t Cut it  

Over-hyped workplace trends are fun to dabble in but often fail to make an impact when it comes to employee engagement. Check out  5 Essentials to Win Big in the Employee Engagement Game  for a fail-proof approach to employee engagement. 

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