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From hand sanitizer stations, to masks of all kinds, we even have you covered with numerous screen guard options. Contact us today to learn about all the solutions we offer before the bell rings!
The sanitizing station is a versatile solution developed for high traffic public spaces.
This versatile station will dispense a full 8oz, (255 ml), so small personal hand sanitizer bottles and tubes can now be refilled and reused. Accepts various sizes of refill including most standard 67oz and 1 gallon bottles. A keyed lock restricts access to the storage cabinet. Includes additional space at bottom of cabinet for a refill bottle.

COVID-19 and pathogen protective 3/16” polycarbonate panels. Each Parpan desk shield attaches to preexisting desk by a self adhesive mount. Each protective panel system comes supplied with living hinges so that they can be easily folded and stored in the provided master box.

Wash up with these great sink options for your elementary, middle and high schools, plus universities and colleges, and don't forgot those chemistry labs. Touchless is the way to go these days, we even have an option that washes and drys all-in-one!
Resources to Return & Rebound
There is a lot of information floating around out there. We've compiled a few resources to help educate you in these challenging times.
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