Hollings Headlines // April 2020
Special thank you from leadership
I want to say a heartfelt thanks to our clinicians, nurses and staff at MUSC Hollings Cancer Center for their tireless efforts to help a vulnerable population in the midst of this crisis. While some procedures and visits can be postponed, not all can. We appreciate our health professionals working in our clinics and our staff working at home remotely to support the cancer center. 

As we continue to gear up for a higher volume of patients in our region, we want to remind everyone to take the time to care for yourselves and your families. Stress can have a cumulative effect. Please remember to pause and connect with your colleagues and reach out to get the support you need.

With gratitude,

Denis Guttridge, Ph.D.
Hollings Cancer Center Interim Director
12 Tips to relieve COVID-19 stress
Therapist  Wendy Balliet, Ph.D. offers these tips to help shield you from COVID-19 stress.

When the stress starts piling up too much, Balliet pulls out some of her go to mantras. They include: This is a marathon, not a sprint, Be where your feet are and Just for today, I’ll take things one day at a time. Check out her top tips for weathering the storm.
The power of gratitude
Supportive signs from the community were posted with encouraging words for health care workers at the COVID-19 collection site in West Ashley. Signs supporting others during this time have also started to appear at the main MUSC campus downtown. This is a bright moment in the midst of the crisis.

Pastoral Care Service
The MUSC Pastoral Care Service is available for all staff who desire spiritual or emotional support. Please contact the Main Hospital Pastoral Care office at extension 2-9464 or have the chaplain paged at:

Main: 792-2123 ID# 18089
ART: 792-2123 ID# 17265
SJCH: 792-2123 ID# 17075
HCC: 792-2123 ID# 12255
Colon cancer awareness ambassador
Colon cancer diagnosis right before wedding leaves bride-to-be fearful

Our thanks goes out to Miranda Brown for sharing her story to raise awareness about colon cancer during March and our great clinical team including Dr. Virgilio George and Dr. Paul O’Brien who helped her have such a great outcome.

Community action
HPV parent ambassador Katie Fox serves as an advocate in her community about the importance of HPV vaccination.

Special thanks to Katie Fox, a mother of two advocating for parents to learn about the importance of the HPV vaccine. Fox joined the HPV Parent Ambassador Program offered by Hollings Cancer Center as part of its   statewide HPV initiative

MUSC Research Continuity & Planning for COVID-19

As the COVID-19 outbreak expands and the impact evolves, the Office of Vice President for Research is working closely with leadership to establish guidance specific to research operations. This guidance is intended to help the campus research community limit the impact and potential risk associated with the growing outbreak of COVID-19.

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