Anchor House Update - February
Let Us Count the Ways We Love
We love that you care.

We love our community.

We love our supporters.

We love our volunteers.

We love our partners.

We love our youth.

THANK YOU for being a part of our caring community!
Respect. Love. Beauty.
We love Marianna's award winning artwork with the uplifting message of Respect. Beauty. Love. If you look closer you can find figures in the hair living this message and expressing their creativity.

At Anchor House, we respect and encourage individual expression in its many forms. All are welcome.

We hope you will take a moment to celebrate beauty and love this month and keep the positive energy flowing all year.


Anchor House youth and staff
Mercer County Point in Time Count
Anchor House once again participated in the Mercer County Point in Time (PIT) Count. The count provides a snapshot of the population experiencing homelessness in Mercer County on a single night.

On January 25th, local nonprofit organizations serving our community, fanned out across the county over a 24-hour period, covering everywhere from busy intersections and overpasses to train stations. The data provides valuable information to help develop programs and make the case for funding. The 2022 PIT Summary can be viewed here.

"The national and local Point in Time Counts provide crucial data for program planning, making the case for funding and coordinating the local response to end youth homelessness." - Kim McNear, Executive Director
Youth Leadership Development
The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) promotes leadership development and offers youth an opportunity to be advocates within Anchor House and the community. During the past year, YAC members participated in 31 meetings, forums and events

Youth attended the Trenton City Council at Large forum, Trenton Civic Trust meetings and the County's Restorative Justice Pilot/Project meetings. One YAC member was recruited to become a Trenton Jr. Civic Trustee to help represent youth in the community!

Advisory members also met with Mercer County representatives to amplify the issue of youth homelessness and to discuss ways to build a stronger community response. Youth are also connected to national leadership opportunities to advocate for awareness, action and funding. Youth receive stipends in exchange for their time, work and engagement on the council. 
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