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January 2017 was an unusually busy month for this time of year-- 

The first week of the month, Nathaniel and I traveled from Israel, where we had the joy of attending our grandson Yoav's wedding to precious Noa. I also addressed a group of Australian students at Yad Vashem, who participated in a study program.

Sunday, Jan. 8 to Memphis, where the TN Holocaust Commission arranged for presentations addressing students from 17 schools.

Saturday night, Jan. 14 to Germany.  I was invited to launch the publication of "Vier Kieselsteine." An intense teaching project to very young 9-year-old German students pertaining to the Holocaust and involving my family's history. There was a major press coverage with 20-some journalists and 4 television stations in attendance. The Minister of Education of Lower Saxony, Frauke Heiligenstadt, and Dr. Jens-Christian Wagner, Director niedersächsische Gedenkstätten, addressed the media.

In addition, I was given the opportunity to speak twice, to and with middle school and high school students (in German). It was a three-day important, extraordinary, outstanding experience, coordinated and made possible by educators of the Bergen-Belsen Gedenkstatte, led by Dr. Jens-Christian Wagner, Andrea Becher, Gerald Hartwig, Ulrike Pastoor, Christian Wolpers and Associates. 

Our 4th flight this month was to the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

I'm always grateful to be given the opportunity to speak to and 
with audiences of a ll  ages.



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