"Regardless of beliefs, experiences or perceived invincibility, we are all vulnerable from time to time. It is this vulnerability that we must strive to protect, respect, and show more compassion for. "
Lauren Heistad

September 25, 2020

I need you to dig deep and believe in our individual and collective potential. We are all in these changes together. For better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness or in health, our interconnectivity is both evident and even more important than ever before. Don't give up on our global ability to understand and heal all things. We all have the innate potential to step into the power of light and love. We can and we will.

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May we all find and maintain our inner balance. 

Love and blessings,

Lauren Heistad
Inspiration and Guidance by Lauren Heistad
Respect and Compassion

If there is one valuable aspect COVID-19 has brought to the awareness of our society it is how our thoughts and actions most certainly affect all things. The extreme of that awareness is that there will inevitably always be differing opinions and perspectives on how to handle any and all aspects of life, including but certainly not limited to our current virus situation and even the perceived severity of this global pandemic in the first place.

I believe all differing perspectives of our current upheaval are valid and demand both respect and compassion. In reality, each and every perspective is based on individual chakra octaves of awareness, life experiences, strong-rooted beliefs, and the overall health and well-being of each individual's energy field. Also affecting the overall severity of the virus are the collective mindsets and actions of individuals, communities, nations, and our world in general. I do know the viral energy of COVID-19 is both valid and real. It is not a conspiracy or something we can simply wish away with more positive thoughts or prayers. Instead, we must learn how to rise above the actual vibration that caused it in the first place.

The vibration that causes any upheaval while here on earth is not a punishment from upon high, fake news or something that was meant to be. Instead, it is derived from the choices, intentions, and actions of every single individual and our collective contributions each and every day while neglecting to consider the well-being of all others. It is once again, the "I" mentality instead of the "We" accountability. This is a hard pill to swallow for those who feel we don't have control over our lives or the overall well-being of humanity and our world. It is much easier to continue on with our lives without acknowledging we are affecting everything around us. It may take less responsibility to follow that line of thinking, but the higher truth of our existence demands us to realize this limited perspective is simply not true.

Those who are choosing to ignore the energy of COVID-19 and believe the simple solutions of mask wearing or social distancing are an infringement to their individual basic human rights are unfortunately selfishly neglecting the basic rights of all others around them. We all have the right to feel safe, be healthy, and enjoy the abundance this world has to offer. And yes, we do have the ability to manifest health and well-being when standing in our full soul potential with or without a mask. However a quick reality check begs society to realize not everyone is standing in their full potential as of yet. Not even close. And the truth is, many of us who even understand the power we individually and collectively hold still tend to slide back and forth between intimately believing in our divine connection to all things, while slipping back again into the old comfort zones of fear, lack of control, and uncertainty.

Ignoring the well-being of those who waffle between believing in their own inner power or more importantly, those who have yet to even discover how to embody this innate birthright, is neither practical nor respectful. In fact, believing you are better than, more important than, or more advanced than someone else's beliefs or understandings while coming from a superiority, invincibility or arrogant complex is how we got into this mess in the first place.

There is still much to learn and truths to come forward before the bulk of society learns how to manage their own energy field and grasp the effects of lower vibrational responses of fear, worry, and helplessness to our co-creative reality. In fact, it is down right selfish and ego-centred to ignore these individual truths and understandings without honouring where they are at and how they interpret both the virus and their overall life experiences in general. We are all in this together. Regardless of beliefs, experiences or perceived invincibility, we are all vulnerable from time to time. It is this vulnerability that we must strive to protect, respect, and show more compassion for.

Honestly, I don't believe there is any other way. God speed and with all my love.

SOULworks School of Enlightenment and other Events by Lauren Heistad
***Private SOULworks Classes (Any Level, Any Topic) - Online Sessions and in-person options now available.

This offering includes 1/2 Day or One-Day teachings. Topics are customized to your spiritual development. Areas of study can include psychic development, energy healing, mediumship, soul path clarity, and confidence building in any and all areas of spiritual development. Various levels of awareness are welcome, with the class content being tailored to your own individual goals and needs.Dates for classes range from Tuesday to Saturday and will be organized once registration is received. Online learning options include Skype, Messenger, FaceTime or Zoom. In-person classes will take place in the SOULworks Sanctuary. Cost is $525 for a full day or $275 for a half day. Register here.

The SOULworks School of Enlightenment provides a safe, informative platform from which to evolve your own SOULworks. Tapping into my 35+ years of experience in the field of spiritual encounters and soulful expansion, I utilize this time to teach, inspire, support, and help all those seeking to develop their intuitive capacity and divine connection to all that is. My classes reveal what others may consider mysteries, and provide assistance to all those who are seeking true, authentic enlightenment: body, mind and soul.

​I am a firm believer that the world is waking up to our expansive soul potential. It is my goal to help people understand their abilities and the changes they are currently experiencing, both internally as well as externally. I am a strong proponent that our world can be a better place, and that we can each learn how to consciously co-create a more peaceful existence with compassion, love, and higher understanding. I strive to teach people by expanding their awareness on what is possible and encourage society to harness their inner ability to create positive change.

There are currently no in-house group classes available. Please watch the SOULworks Calendar of Events for possible additions this fall.
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Hello and welcome to SOULworks. I am honoured to have you visit my sacred space. ​My name is Lauren Heistad. I am an adept teacher of the spiritual arts, inspirational speaker, intuitive healer, psychic medium, self-proclaimed Messenger of Change, founder of both the SOULworks Sacred Healing Centre and the SOULworks School of Enlightenment, as well as author of the books “Activating your SOULworks: A Healing Journey”, "Evolving your SOULworks: A Miraculous Journey", and soon to be released "Mastering your SOULworks: A Oneness Journey."

​The SOULworks Sacred Healing Centre is homebase and inner sanctuary to my life's work. This modern day spiritual facility is designed to help people experience and expand their own connection to Spirit. The Centre houses my personal Intuitive Healing and Mentorship practice, my SOULworks School of Enlightenment, and my divinely inspired mystical store called the SOULworks Love and Light Emporium, all for the purpose of offering spiritually based products and services.

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