Respiratory Protection 

The OSHA Respiratory Protection regulation 29 CFR 1910.134 requires the development and maintenance of a respirator protection program. This program must include but not limited to the following; medical questionnaire completion, annual fit testing and training. Annual medical evaluations are only required  if symptoms  or medical signs regarding an employees' use of a respirator are noted, information from the program's administrator indicates a reevaluation, or observations made during the fit testing or the conditions in the workplace changes (new inhalation hazards per (1910.134)(e)(7)). PHASE Associates is excited to offer current and future clients an annual respiratory protection program which includes the use of online medical questionnaires, respirator fit testing for both quantitative and qualitative, and training on respirator protection, usage and maintenance. 

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Legionnaires Disease

Legionella is a type of bacteria commonly found in fresh water environments (i.e., streams). Breathing in contaminated air mist can expose at risk individuals to developing legionnaires disease (or Pontiac fever). Building management/owners should implement a water management program to reduce the risk of growth and spread of legionella. PHASE Associates will implement air quality inspections, monitoring, assessments and recommendations for corrective actions.

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New OSHA workplace safety & health weighting system for inspections 

Effective October 1, 2019, OSHA's weighting system (OWS) replaced the old weighting system that was initiated in 2015. The new system adds implementation such as Site-Specific Targeting to the weighting system. 

OWS' three major elements include enforcement activity; essential enforcement support functions; and compliance assistance efforts. 

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