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Pocket Collections
This collection examines the problem of anti-Asian violence from multiple perspectives. What role does business have in addressing this and other issues of discrimination and violence? Also see:

Forbes: Julie Sommer, Andrew Zimbalist
The "NCAA has launched a full-court press to deny college athletes’ basic rights to a real education, to their own images and likenesses, and to their health and safety.” Is this the real March Madness? (also see Under Fire, The NCAA Apologizes and Unveils New Weight Room for Women's Tournament)
Vanity Fair: William D. Cohan
“My body physically hurts all the time and mentally I’m in a really dark place”: At what point do workers in high-pressure environments reject the employer, rather than the other way around? (also see Goldman Sachs Boss Responds to Leaked Report into ‘Inhumane' Working Hours)

The J.M. Kaplan Fund
Submit your game-changing project for the 2021 J.M.K. Innovation Prize, awarding $175,000 to 10 non-profits or social entrepreneurs.

The Prize supports early-stage projects in the fields of social justice,
the environment, and heritage conservation.

Deadline: April 30th.

How to make amends for a past rife with racially-motivated discrimination? One city is taking the first steps down a complicated path.
The Guardian: Erin Brockovich
What could falling fertility rates mean for the health of business, society, and humanity? And when it comes to systemic challenges like pervasive chemicals, where does the buck stop? (also see Stealth Chemicals: A Call to Action on a Threat to Human Fertility)
Tampa Bay Times: Corey G. Johnson, Rebecca Woolington, Eli Murray
This investigation into a lead recycling plant documents the human impact of contamination levels, "some so high, they’re typically seen only in developing countries.” How can we ensure that a greener economy is also cleaner? (also see From Carbon To Metals: the Renewable Energy Transition)
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