Dear friends,

The second wave of infections hitting India has been utterly devastating. The latest figures report more than 360,000 new cases and the number of deaths above 3,500 for yesterday alone. With the country in crisis and life-saving supplies scarce, now is the time for each of us to take action.

Today, CHI is responding with an unprecedented relief program:

  • Critical Medicines: we will distribute medicines, supplies, PPE, sanitizers and masks
  • Oxygen & Oxygen Concentrators: we are supplying medical oxygen with support from our partners on the ground
  • Life-Saving Vaccines: we will assist vaccination efforts in our communities
  • Diagnostic Tests: we are supporting essential diagnostic tests such as CT scans
  • Emergency Meals: food rations are being distributed throughout the community
  • Mental Health Support: we are actively providing counseling and emergency resources to children and their families
At the same time, we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing students with virtual learning opportunities and digital learning devices, mental health support and counseling, and health and hygiene programs. 

On behalf of the board and staff of Children’s Hope India, I ask you to please help us bring these life-saving supports to those in need by making a donation today. 

Dina Pahlajani, MD
President & Co Founder
Children's Hope India
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