Middle school counselor, blogger, and author Stephanie Filio, M.Ed., writes in her new book Responding to Student Trauma, “When we give our students a voice and a platform, they are able to grow into adults who will lead our country and world in meaningful and impassioned ways. With our guidance and belief, they will renew our hope in the ability of humans to create an equitable and just world. Our students deserve our care and understanding of what they have already been through and of the traumas they are currently experiencing.”

In this issue of Upbeat News, we’re spotlighting Stephanie’s book by giving you a peek inside, with an exclusive excerpt on building strong connections with students and families. Read that here.

For more resources to address student trauma, read on for information on related book titles. Also check out our free on-demand webinar from Dr. Myles Cooley on understanding and supporting students with mental health and learning disorders. In the webinar, Dr. Cooley shares important information about students who have experienced trauma and adverse childhood events.

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New Release Spotlight: Responding to Student Trauma
Grab the book that addresses the traumas of 2020 and helps you plan for future crises.

This quick reference guide for trauma response gives educators strategies to address the specific needs of their students. Inside you’ll find techniques and tools to understand the sources of trauma, identify signs of trauma in students, guide conversations, take necessary action, reduce anxiety, and improve student mental health.

Digital content includes a reproducible school-planning worksheet, teacher quick-guide worksheet, and action items checklist to ensure the entire staff is trained and feels prepared to respond to situations quickly. A free downloadable PLC/Book Study Guide is available at freespirit.com/PLC.
Related Resources
Check out more related resources here.
This versatile story gives children permission to grieve and helps them find ways to cope with loss.
Sensitive advice and genuine understanding for teens coping with grief and loss.
A guide for elementary educators on how to incorporate mindfulness activities into existing curriculum.
Tips & Tools from the Free Spirit Blog
When teachers create a safe environment and model a trust-filled and consistent relationship with their students, they can help heal the effects of trauma and build a better foundation for future learning. Read now.
Almost anything you do to help a child feel safe is trauma informed. To incorporate it into your daily practice, remember these four Cs: care, create a safe space, consistently name what’s happening, and connect. Read now.
Educational grants available for your school or community:

The Maureen Hayes Award supports a visit from a nationally recognized children’s book author or illustrator to a community, with emphasis on providing opportunities for children and youth for whom a visit with an author/illustrator is a first-time experience. Previous winners of the Hayes Award include public libraries, elementary school libraries, and partnerships between public libraries and public or charter schools.

Eligibility: Charter, Public, Other (including homeschool, 501(c)(3) organizations)
Prize: $4,000
Application Deadline: November 15, 2020
Recent Review
Finding Your Way Through Conflict is a timely and timeless book for early childhood educators seeking to improve the early childhood experience for all children and adults.”Iheoma U. Iruka, Ph.D., chief research innovation officer and director of the Center for Early Education Research & Evaluation, HighScope Educational Research Foundation

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Webinar of the Month

In this free on-demand edWebinar, Dr. Myles Cooley provides guidelines on supporting students with mental health and learning disorders and communicating with them and their parents. Dr. Cooley describes various mental health and learning disorders, clarifies misunderstandings, and explains new or revised diagnoses. The session features important information about ADHD, dyslexia, autism, self-injury, trauma, and adverse childhood events.

You can earn CE credit by watching the webinar and taking a short quiz. Join our edWeb community Social-Emotional Learning, Positive Behavior, and Student Achievement to learn more.
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