Open Your Time Capsules!
School is out for many of us! Remember that Time Capsule that you created at the beginning of the school year? It looked like this picture, and it had all sorts of questions to answer and a piece of yarn to see how tall you were. Well, it's time to open it! Take a few minutes as a family to open your time capsule. How much did you grow? What were your hopes and dreams for this year? How did your year turn out? What was better than expected? What do you wish had been different?

We'd love to hear stories about your time capsules! Share your insights with me at
Music and Arts Immersion
Camp Registration
Join Hennepin favorites Patricia Rice and Krista Riedel for the Summer Music and Arts Immersion Camp hosted at The Basilica of Saint Mary. Campers grades 4th-8th grade will enjoy percussion, bell ringing, and choral music while learning and performing the musical, "Called", by Mark Buroughs. Camp dates are June 27-July 1. Cost is $100/student. Scholarships are available. Register here.
Serve MSP
August 3-5 • 9am-3pm
Serve MSP is a day camp for youth in grades 7-12. Youth will spend time volunteering with service partners that work to support the marginalized and those in need in the Twin Cities area. 
Minnesota has been a central figure in conversations about social justice in recent history. Serve MSP will allow an opportunity to safely gather with other youth and community leaders, to serve organizations that are doing justice work every day, and to engage in necessary conversations. 
We'll gather August 3-5 from 9am-3pm at several locations in the Twin Cities. Cost is $30/participant, which includes a shirt and admission to a fun event on Friday. Groups will bring their own lunch or have an opportunity to go out for lunch depending on the day. 

To register: You'll find Serve MSP at the bottom of the webpage.
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