The voice for compounding pharmacy  |  October 22, 2019
Responding to letter, NASEM schedules cBHRT practitioner session
In response to a letter in which IACP, NCPA and APhA expressed concern about information-gathering for an FDA-commissioned study on cBHRT, the National Academies for Science, Engineering and Medicine has scheduled an additional public session hear from prescribers and pharmacists of cBHRT.
"NASEM has not had a public meeting to fully engage practicing physicians who prescribe or pharmacists who compound extensively cBHRT and hear their perspective and documented patient results they have achieved," wrote IACP and its partners in the October 7 letter to NASEM. "From our attendance, we observed that  in the information gathering sessions, a greater number of presenters opposing cBHRT were given time to present than were proponents of cBHRT. In addition, the presenters supporting cBHRT were not representative of the vast number of highly credible, mainstream physicians practicing cBHRT. Given that the NASEM committee members are not experts in cBHRT and thus would benefit from the expertise of practitioners, we urge you to schedule an additional hearing to provide a forum for physician and compounding pharmacist practitioners to testify on the importance of cBHRT to patients."
NASEM was prompt in responding to the request, announcing on October 10 the additional public session. IACP this week submitted to NASEM a number of recommendations of prescribers and pharmacists to present at the November 12 session.
NASEM is expected to conclude its information gathering and issue a report early next year.