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An audience view of this year's 
G reening the Statehouse
Our society's ability to respond to the difficult, new political era that we are in is directly proportional to how much we invest in our public interest community, in time and resources. If we strengthen public interest groups that work every day to advance a justice-oriented and environmentally-minded nation, we will look back on this difficult period ahead with pride.  HEC has shown its ability to build a strong, collaborative community, as seen at Greening the Statehouse, which drew a record-breaking 500 people!  Your financial support for HEC will be key to helping us write a noble chapter for our future.

With your support, HEC will be able to invest more resources into:
  • Indiana-tailored research
  • Organizing in key legislative districts
  • More advocacy in the Statehouse 
  • Initiatives to protect you and your communities from threats posed by industrial toxins, coal ash, and factory farm waste
Donating to HEC is fast, safe, and secure.   Please help support our important work at

You can also help our campaign by encouraging others to join our cause by using #HECProtectsUs when you use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and by attending our next volunteer training session on Wed., Dec. 14th!

Urge IPL to Protect Your Water from Coal Ash

At the Harding Street power plant (in Indianapolis) and Eagle Valley power plant (in Martinsville), Indianapolis Power & Light (IPL) has millions of tons of coal ash sitting in direct contact with the ground -- in the floodplain of the White River.  Heavy metals from the coal ash are leaching into the groundwater as well as into the river. IPL is proposing to build a cap over the ash, but leave it unlined and 
in the floodplain.  Fact sheets are available here.  The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) is accepting comments on the proposals until 5 pm on Monday December 5.  Please email IDEM at, and ask that:
  • IDEM require IPL to conduct a full cost-benefit analysis to find the least-cost, best long-term alternative
  • IDEM ensures that the closure plans protect drinking water and the White River.
Keep Up the Momentum
Indianapolis City-County Council to decide soon on a dramatic expansion in mass transit service

On Election Day, Indianapolis voters sent a strong message that they want better mass transit in the city -- passing the Marion County transit referendum with almost 60% of the vote -- with support that extended across 470 of the 597 precincts in the county.  
The Indianapolis City-County Council still needs to approve the transit tax at the full 0.25 percent. 

Please help by taking two steps:
And share this with your friends and neighbors!  A modern, efficient Indy transit system is just ahead -- if we, together, take action by contacting our city councilors!

Lend Support to the Meatless Monday Cause

The City-County Council of Indianapolis will vote on a resolution in support of Meatless Mondays this coming Monday, December 5th!  (You can see where the resolution is on the agenda here.)

If passed, Indianapolis would join an international group of cities encouraging plant-based meals at the beginning of each week, to reduce our collective carbon footprint and engage in healthy eating habits.

The UN estimates animal agriculture accounts for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, and researchers from the World Bank bump that to 51%.  Animals produce methane and carbon dioxide as digestion by-products. Open air dumps on factory farms hold millions of gallons of manure which release nitrous oxide. Carbon emissions associated with animal feed production and transportation, clearing forest for feedlots, transporting animals from farm to processing facility to grocery, and processing animals in meatpacking plants all contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, which drives climate change.

The Hoosier Environmental Council joins a diverse coalition of supporters including AARP of Indiana, the Indy Wellness Center, Growing Places Indy, the Marion County Health Department, Greater Indianapolis NAACP, and several local animal welfare and environmental organizations in support of the resolution.  You can watch the discussion of the resolution in person by going to the City-County Building at 200 E. Washington St. at 7 pm or live streaming at the following link.
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