Friday, May 1, 11 a.m. ZOOM Conference Networking Event – Life in Colerain During the COVID-19 Pandemic. This week's conversation is a Human Resources Roundtable; Conversation around opening up your business - H/R Directors from Cincinnati, Steve Towne (LaRosa’s), Eric Bostian (Rumpke), and Jennifer Clippard-Caunin (Clippard Instruments) will be answering challenging questions about workplace safety, realities of opening and concerns around COVID-19 approaches for your business.

Upcoming topics

Monday, May 4 - Master Series ZOOM Conference – How to Build Relationships on LinkedIn during Quarantine – LinkedIn expert Brynne Tillman will be kicking off our NEW Monday ZOOM conference series by sharing her knowledge to help you network and use this incredible tool better both now and as we return to a new normal. This is open to both members and non-members; registration has been expanded due to demand so that we can accommodate up to 50 participants now. Be sure to watch for future topics and registration. 

May 8 – Housing and Commercial Real Estate Concerns – A financial look at where we are and will be going into the later parts of 2020. Award winning syndicated talk show host and author Ilyce Glink will share her thoughts and we will hear from local resources about the coming economics around real estate.

May 15 – Personal and Business Finances in a Changing Marketplace. What does the unemployment picture and stock market mean for us in the near and long term? A local panel of financial planners and experts will share their thoughts, an open conversation and will be available to answer your questions.

May 12 – Tuesday Women’s Networking Luncheon – We will again be hosting this event in a virtual environment with the hope of getting back to an in person event when restaurants open and social distancing rules become more lax. This is a chance for the women of our community to gather and share ideas and network. Hosted by Sylvia Dwertman, you can get more information here: REGISTRATION and ZOOM INSTRUCTIONS

May 19 – Colerain Chamber of Commerce Board Meeting – We have moved our board meeting schedule to accommodate better reporting and tools available. Going forward we will be meeting on the third Tuesday of the month rather than the first Tuesday. This is not an open meeting but rather a planning session for all appointed board members. If you have a topic or business matter that needs our attention, please contact David Denny, Chairman at or Dave Moravec at

Chamber of Commerce Golf League The Chamber golf league has been pushed back due to COVID 19 issues. It is now slated to begin on Wednesday June 3 at Pebble Creek Golf Club. Another announcement about an informal outing will take place in the next week or so. If you are still looking to play, we have space available. For more information visit Chamber Golf Details or contact Dave Moravec at