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Grill Fix

Grill & Oven Cleaner


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Traction Clean

Slip Resistant Cleaner/Degreaser


Grease Cutter


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Grease Strip CL

Concentrated Chlorinated

 Foaming Degreaser



General Pupose



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Clean Plate 

Handwashing Dish Soap


Hot Spot

Spotter, Prespray, and Bonnet Cleaner


Carpet Shield 

Stain Resistant

Carpet Treatment 


      Carpet Shield


Stain Resistant Carpet Treatment



Carpet Shield is a ready-to-use formulation designed to provide superior results on all colorfast fibers including wool, nylon, rayon, acrylics, and polyolefins.
Carpet Shield's unique combination of solvents,
surfactants, alkaline detergents and inhibitors
provides protection for carpet and upholstery against a broad range of soils and stains. Carpet Shield can be applied to wet or dry carpet and upholstery and will treat up to 1000 square feet per gallon.


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Restaurant & Food Service Edition

Sept 2013

Not selling Food Service Products,  maybe it is time to consider the possibilities. Perma Inc. has a long history of manufacturing high quality products for the food services industry. As one of the key players in the industry Perma Inc. will provide you with the technical information you need, and products that perform reliably and give you competitive advantage over other  companies in the industry.


Some of the other types of businesses that you could also call on with these products are school cafeterias, catering companies, food distribution companies  commercial food production facilities, breweries, bakeries, healthcare facilities, hotels, resorts, seafood processing plants, correctional facilities, sports, convention & conference venues, movie theaters, fast-food joints, and large corporations that have their own cafeterias.


I am sure you get the idea. 

For more information on our food service products, call us at 978-667-5161 or email us.
Power Punch 22, Draft Beer Line & Equipment Cleaner "The user friendly,  non hazardous beer line cleaner"



Power Punch 22 draught beer line cleaner utilizes a superior, high quality blend of surfactants and detergents to safely and quickly remove buildup in draught beer lines. While other beer line cleaners use high concentrations of dangerous caustics (similar to drain openers) to burn out beer lines, Power Punch 22 cleans safely and effectively without the corrosive chemicals that can harm equipment, cleaning personnel or patrons. Power Punch 22's bright, florescent green, food grade dye facilitates the complete rinsing of draught beer lines, eliminating the risk of cleaning solution being left in  the lines. Power Punch 22 ensures that patrons receive the best  tasting beer possible, time and time again.
Go ahead check out similar products  in the industry, you will not find any product like Power Punch 22, "THE GREEN BEER LINE CLEANER."
For more information about Power Punch 22, call us at (978) 667-5161 or email us.
Traction Clean, Slip Resistant Cleaner Degreaser



Traction Clean our low foam safety degreaser is formulated to provide the cleaning and soil suspension properties necessary to effectively clean and maintain positive slip resistant characteristics in a wide range of settings. These include restaurant and food service areas, restrooms, nursing homes, hospitals, and light industrial manufacturing facilities where food, protein-based soils, light oils, and dirt can cause slippery conditions. Detergents and surfactants effectively break down and suspend soils, removing the potential cause of many slippery floors. Special additives increase the coefficient of friction beyond the level normally inherent in the existing floor surface. Extensive laboratory and field testing on various types of flooring (including resilient tile, ceramic and stone tile, sealed wood, and concrete) has demonstrated this product's ability to raise the coefficient of friction readings beyond those required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and the 0.6 SCOF recommended by the National Floor Safety Institute, ANSI, and Americans With Disabilities Act.

Grill Fix, Heavy Duty Grill & Oven Cleaner

Grill Fix is the most effective heavy duty grill & oven cleaner money can buy. There are some very good reasons why some of the big players is the food service industry private label this product and buy Grill Fix, we haven't changed the formula in 50+ years. 


Grill Fix is a heavy duty grill and oven cleaner designed to dissolve away built up grease and cooking deposits from grills, ovens, grease filter ducts and deep fryers. Specifically formulated to cling to vertical surfaces, this cleaner

significantly reduces messy run-offs and reduces the amount needed to effectively cut through heavy deposits of grease, fat and proteins. Grill Fix works equally well on hot or cold surfaces, reducing wasted time spent cooling grill, ovens, and appliances.


CAUTION: This is not you mother's grill & oven cleaner!


To schedule a demo, email me or call 978-667-5161, ext.104
Lead time on orders is usually 3-5 business days although for special orders it could be 5-7 days or longer, so order early!

As always, questions, comments and feedback are always welcome. I'm happy to help!


John Lyness
Technical Sales Representative
office: 978-667-5161,  ext. 104
cell: 978-618-7034

REMEMBER - Product samples are available upon request!