Hi Jaime

Two short interviews just posted for you to check out...

The first is an update with Dale about lease negotiation right now.

Some really good tips of what to look out for when making any changes/updates to your lease.

"Restaurant Leasing Update with COVID-19 - Late April"

I also had a chance to interview Sam Toia, the CEO of the Illinois Restaurant Association.

We talked specifically about the PPP program...

The good, the bad, the ugly...and what might come next...

"Talking PPP with Sam Toia, CEO, Illinois Restaurant Association"

Speaking of the PPP and what's next here's two quick links for you...

- The Independent Restaurant Coalition's April 21 statement - "Congress Forgets Nearly 500,000 Local Restaurants in New Coronavirus Relief Package"

- The NRA's new page about "Restaurant Industry Blueprint for Recovery" discussing their action plan...

Stay well...
- Jaime