Restaurant Recovery Update 11.04.20
Governor's Shutdown Order - FAQ
What happens to guests that have not finished their meal by 9:30?
Upon consultation with legal counsel and analysis of the order, we recommend the following:
  • No new guest may admitted into your restaurant after 9:30 pm, except for take out orders
  • No new alcohol sales or delivery after 9:30 PM
  • Guests should be permitted to finish meals and previously ordered beverages in order to get home by 10:00 to comply with stay-at-home order.

Why are restaurants facing increased regulations, when the science says that private gatherings are the problem?
As we have said in multiple media reports, Restaurants are not the problem. Tracing and inspections clearly point out restaurants are not the cause of the spike. Restaurants continue to get frequent inspections, and these inspections show that operators are taking the protocols seriously. 
According to a recent analysis fewer than two percent of cluster infections (infections involving two or more cases) have occurred in restaurants in the last month.

We are looking to slightly modify the Governor's closing time orders. The Governor's office needs to hear from you about this Executive Order.
Will you be laying off more employees?
How many guests are you going to lose?
If they are going to keep making this tougher, what relief will be offered to survive?

License Renewal Requirements
Included in recently released Executive Order was language that permits a closed operation to renew their liquor license without having to show proof of liquor liability insurance or workers compensation insurance if there are no employees currently working.

Easing of Certain Annual Renewal Requirements
During the COVID-19 state of emergency, § 12 licensees that remain closed to the public may automatically renew their licenses for 2021 pursuant to M.G.L. c. 138, § 16A, without needing to submit:

  • Proof of liquor liability insurance; however, licensees must submit proof of liquor liability insurance to the local licensing authorities prior to reopening to the public;

  • Proof of having a workers’ compensation insurance policy; however:

  • licensees must have no payroll at the time of renewal, and
  • licensees must submit proof of workers’ compensation insurance to the local licensing authorities prior to reopening to the public.
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