Restaurant Revitalization Fund Grants
Registration for the Restaurant Revitalization Fund opened today, April 30, at 9 am. Register for an account here (see note below regarding POS partners). The online application will open on Monday, May 3 at 12 pm.

We are urging qualifying businesses to register today and be prepared to apply on Monday when the application opens at noon. It is anticipated that funds will be exhausted quickly. The resources outlined below will also help you prepare for the application process.

From SBA
In addition to registering, it is recommended that applicants familiarize themselves with the application process in advance to ensure a smooth and efficient application experience, specifically by:
  • Reviewing the official guidance, including program guide and sample application.
  • Preparing the required documentation.
  • Determining if POS service providers will be utilized for providing application submission and automation for current customers.
  • Note: If an applicant is working with a point-of-sale vendor, they do not need to register beforehand on the site.
  • The SBA call center support for RRF: 1-844-279-8898

Applications can be submitted through SBA-recognized Point of Sale Restaurant Partners or directly via SBA's online application portal. While SBA encourages applicants to utilize the POS system, applicants without access to point-of-sale service providers can still submit their applications electronically here. The first three weeks SBA will accept applications from all applicants – but will only process applications for Women, Veterans, and other disadvantaged businesses.

Industry Resources

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