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Resting in His Arms 


As the newborn lies on her blanket, she gives a sizeable workout to her lungs (and your ears, I might add). As her parent you respond to her plea with something that may seem insignificant to some, yet to her, it provides a sense of comfort: her pacifier. There is a sense of contentment displayed on her face, but this does not last long. What she was longing for was nourishment. Nourishment a nook cannot provide. 


You and I know it would not be wise to take her bottle from her while she is still savoring her meal. Not capable of communicating through words, her method of communication-which seems to be quite effective-is the use of her lungs. This little girl lies helpless to meet her own needs, but knows you, her parent, can, because whenever she has a need you always attend to her. You provide to this little one a sense of safety. As helpless as she may be, she knows your voice and you begin to understand her cries and what they mean. 


For those who are grandparents, you too play a wonderful role in the life of this child. Consider the proud grandfather holding this little bundle so very gently in his arms, providing her with a sense of comfort and security. She accepts her bottle from him with little hesitation. As his arms envelop her, she finds great comfort knowing who is holding her. It is not long and her posture is one of tranquility when she drifts to sleep. Unaffected by activity around her, she sleeps, resting in the comforting arms of the one holding her.


It is this sense of safety, contentment, comfort and security our Heavenly Fathers longs for us to display as we find ourselves resting in His arms. Yet for many, we allow circumstances beyond our control to make us forget the reality of Who is in control.


I fully believe God, The Creator, Savior, and Lord, desires us to find our peace in Him, regardless of what we may face. Is this going to be easy? At times it will bring us to a point of crisis in our faith. We will respond as the infant above, crying out for help, realizing we are in need of the intervention of God, who can meet our every need, or we will respond with resentment, bitterness and perhaps anger toward God, because we did not get what we wanted.


Regardless of what circumstances we may find ourselves in, God does not change. He is faithful. He is trustworthy. He is just. He is God.


Because God is who He is, we are continuing to trust Him and His leading. At this time, our circumstances have changed. In our previous updates we have shared about what God has been doing in opening doors that have allowed us to move forward with paying off our current facility.


There have been some recent changes that have put a new spin on our situation. A $50,000 matching gift was fully met through the generous response of many people. It seemed in meeting with the necessary people, moving forward to secure the adjacent facility was going to be simply a formality in getting the paper work done.


We received a phone call from the bank indicating that we were not accepted for financing. What that means is the $50,000 matching gift was, for now, removed. The reason I say "for now" is that in talking with the person providing the gift, they are willing to apply the gift toward the purchase price of the adjacent building. So it is, so to speak, a delayed gratification.


When our Board met to talk about what is next, one thing became clear: because gifts that have come in will not be matched right now, we are willing to return to you your gift toward the payoff of our building. We just ask that if you'd like your gift returned, you let us know by the end of this year.


What are the circumstances God has placed before us? To date, we owe $105,000 on our current building, which has to be paid off by March 2014, or we run the risk of losing it.


Through many gifts, God has provided a total of $58,000 to go toward the debt, which leaves us needing an additional $47,000 to satisfy our current facility debt.


We realize a facility should never be the measure of success. But the significantly reduced space we now have is impacting our outreach into this community. We have to turn away families from attending our Christmas dinner, which once hosted 175 people. What was once a place for 80 children participating in our kids club has been reduced to 15-20. Our tutoring program had 30-40 kids attending; we now have room for only15-20.


It is as if God has us in a position much as the little girl mentioned above, with needs we are not able to meet on our own, but we know the One who can. None of this has taken God by surprise, nor should we let it take us by surprise. God is faithful. Right now we are resting in His arms knowing He has the solution to what is best for us. Is this what we expected? No. But we are once again reminded that God is not bound by our expectations. He loves us and will care for us.


Are you resting peacefully in the arms of the One who holds you? Are you crying out, longing for the one who can meet your need to hear and respond to your plea? He sees and He hears and He will indeed answer with what is best.


What are we asking of you? Will you pray? Our needs have been clearly outlined above. God knows every one of them. I am inviting you to pray, asking God to reveal Himself in this situation in such a way that He will indeed receive all glory and honor for the way in which He cares for those He loves.


Will you pray on behalf of our needs in order that the message of the Gospel may not be hindered, and that we would remain faithful in proclaiming the transforming power of the risen Christ?


Will you pray for continuous orders with Designed Image, our screen printing business that was established to assist in the furthering of the gospel as well as providing opportunities for vocational training and employment with those in our community?


Let us rest in the arms of the Almighty God, realizing our circumstances are nothing but noise attempting to sidetrack us from what is truly of importance.


Merry Christmas,


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Living Hope Ministries' mission is to see our community transformed by the power of the Gospel, living lives yielded to the Holy Spirit.


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