June 6, 2020
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Celestial Greetings!

Recent developments in the news have everybody on edge. Whether it's the health of your family or the health of our nation, there are a lot of questions and worries. It's no surprise the planets indicate a lot of turmoil and a big desire for change, both individually and collectively. With the planet of exaggeration, Jupiter, joining the planet of extremes, Pluto, three times, astrologers knew 2020 would be intense. Factor in six eclipses, compared to the usual four (one of them on the USA's "birthday"), and we have an off-the-charts year of changes, key beginnings and endings. For more than half of the year (beginning June 27 into January 2021), Mars will be at its highest potency in the sign it rules, Aries. This is likely to bring conflicts, here as well as in the rest of the world

A particularly vulnerable area is 90 degrees East longitude, which is equivalent to 90 degrees into the zodiac where 0 degrees of Cancer begins the summer season and is the site of an eclipse new moon. This longitude is close to Tibet, which I'm keeping my eye on. The Dalai Lama is aged and has had health issues. When he goes, what will happen to Tibetan Buddhism if the Chinese government interferes with his designated successor? The July 5 eclipse is close to His Holiness's 85th birthday July 6.
What are the planets up to?

Mars takes a starring role.
Mars is traveling roughly in a square (90 degrees) with the Sun for the three eclipses of the summer (June 5, June 21 and July 4-5). This highlights ego, will power, survival instincts, aggression, impatience and competition. Between the second and third eclipses, Mars enters its sign of rulership for the rest of 2020, spending two months in reverse this fall (including at the election). Armed conflicts are not out of the question. A more positive expression is striking out boldly in a fresh direction and bravely trying new things. Read more about Mars and the eclipses in my blog A Trio of Summer Eclipses .

The very rare slow-planet get-together of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn is the loudest drumbeat for change in 2020. It strikes again this month. Jupiter's second (of three) pair-ups with Pluto is June 29. Saturn, the boss of Capricorn, had forayed into Aquarius in March and backtracks into Capricorn July 1, remaining there until December. It's a time to figure out power-sharing (a feature of Pluto ) between "Law and order" (Saturn and Capricorn) and liberties (Jupiter). This is the "battlefield" as warrior Mars is square three times (because of its retrogradation) to all three heavy-hitter planets. We can't help but push the envelope and round a corner.
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Details below in Janet Sightings .

Usually eclipses come in pairs but once in a while, we get an extra dose of forceful pushes for change. Two full moon lunar eclipses bookend a new moon solar eclipse on the summer solstice. Very powerful! You might want to check out the Looking Up episode called "Looking At Eclipses" (see LOOKING UP below).
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The December episode of LOOKING UP, entitled "2020 Vision," highlights the new year's important planetary activity with a heads up to prepare you and a discussion of which signs will be impacted most and which might have a calmer time. (That said, remember that we all have all the signs in our charts.)

There are many FREE RESOURCES FOR 2020 at AstrologyBooth.com, including the whole year's day ratings organized month by month on tables, the Best & Worst Days List, 2020 On a Page and a handout "Highlights of 2020 by J Booth." All are PDFs for easy reading or downloading and printing, if you wish. Share this with your friends!

GREAT NEWS! The station manager of West Hartford Community Interactive has solved the technical difficulties that prevented online viewing of Looking Up. Several recent episodes are now available.

April, 2020
When times are challenging, we look to the heavens for help. The attributes of the planets and signs provide energies we can all utilize, regardless of what's emphasized in your personal chart. In this episode, Janet waxes philosophical - picture your old auntie sharing her experience and sage advice.

March, 2020
An ancient astrological technique is a forecast based on the chart for the vernal equinox. This year's shows a strong shove to a long-lasting turbulent factor, portending a volatile season. We also examine the planets' shifting positions and connections, and which signs are stimulated. The Air element is featured more prominently than usual.

February, 2020
Three times a year, the Messenger of the Gods travels in reverse for three weeks at a clip. Besides bringing communication mix-ups, there are opportunities to re-examine issues, research ideas and handle those pesky piles of paperwork. We'll check 2020's Mercury backtracks to see which signs are most impacted and discuss how we can use the energy to advantage. The first bout began Feb. 16.

January, 2020
Just what is an eclipse and what makes it important? Find out about two types of eclipse cycles, what eclipses mean when they affect a birth chart, and what's special about the eclipses of 2020.

December, 2019
Big things are brewing in the stars for 2020! Get the scoop on the highlights and heavyweights, which signs are in the planets' cross hairs and which might have an easier year. Heed the warnings and see the signposts with Janet's guidance.

November, 2019
Which signs are most compatible with one another? Which ones, not so much? Although many factors impinge on a relationship (and we'll touch on these), we'll explore the signs more generally, including what strengths and weaknesses each sign brings to a relationship and what is sought in a partner.
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In closing ...

I hope the information in this newsletter, my blogs and Looking Up shows will help you handle the current and upcoming planetary influences with greater ease and awareness, and use the celestial tides to your advantage! Yours in the stars, Janet Booth
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