September 29, 2023
Dear Friends,

First, thank you to so many who have taken the time to share their concerns about the future of the House District 7 community. 

Many have expressed angst about the possible casino development in our neighborhood. I have learned that legislation to enable the potential construction of a casino in Fairfax County, including a developer-favored Reston site, may be reintroduced in the 2024 General Assembly. I oppose such actions. Here’s my statement.
As we work in the final days of this election, I want you to know that protecting our community interests is my focus. We stand together to protect the integrity of our neighborhoods. This is my unwavering commitment. 
I hope to see you on the campaign trail, and stay tuned for more campaign updates.  
Yours in service,
Karen Keys-Gamarra, Esq.
Candidate, District 7
House of Delegates
Paid for and Authorized by Friends of Karen Keys-Gamarra