October E-Newsletter 2019
Institute for Applied Ecology
The Institute for Applied Ecology works to conserve native species and habitats. With offices in Oregon and New Mexico, our work puts restoration, research, and education into action. Volunteer or become a member with a donation today!

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Featured Articles
Seven years of restoration at Herbert Farm & Natural Area
The Institute for Applied Ecology (IAE) has been helping restore Herbert Farm and Natural Area since 2012. Along the way, there has been valuable collaboration and funding by partners, including City of Corvallis (the landowner), Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Bonneville Power Administration, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, Center for Natural Lands Management and The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde. Read More
Restoring prairies: making a home for butterflies takes time!
Prairie habitat once existed extensively along the Oregon coast, most commonly occurring on stabilized dunes, headlands, salt-spray meadows. The few remaining coastal prairies are significantly degraded, and the loss of this habitat has resulted in a significant reduction in many of the animal species relying on these habitats. The Oregon silverpot butterfly, a federally-listed threatened species, is now known to occur in only 7 isolated locations along the Pacific Coast. Read More
Harvesting native plants
The United Nations General Assembly recently declared 2021-2030 the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. For the U.N. to recognize the importance of restoration is encouraging, as IAE has worked diligently on restoring native habitats for two decades. A key piece of natural areas restoration is revegetation, using roots, plugs and seeds of native plants. In order to have the native plants available for restoration, our local native plant farms are an essential resource.  Read More
Board Highlight: Brandy Humphreys
We are fortunate to have Brandy Humphreys on IAE's Boar d of Directors! Brandy is the Project Administrator of the Tribal Lands Department of Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community of Oregon. Brandy was born and raised in Eastern Oregon before moving to the wetter side of the state to attend Pacific University in Forest Grove, where she received her B.S. in Biology. Post-college, she studied breeding birds in the cotton fields of Georgia, and roamed the grasslands and Coastal foothills of California’s San Joaquin Valley before returning home to Oregon. Brandy has been a biologist for the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community of Oregon since 2001. Brandy’s extracurricular activities are as diverse as Oregon’s ecoregions. Read More about our Board of Directors
Make a Difference Day at Herbert Farm, Saturday 10/26
Come help us plant 8,000 native prairie plants on National Make a Difference Day! We will plant elegant brodiaea ( Brodiaea elegans ) and Tolmie’s star tulip ( Calochortus tolmiei ), and toughleaf iris ( Iris tenax ).  9am - 3 pm, Herbert Lane, just south of Corvallis. Email peter@appliedeco.org if you can help. Read More
Stories from the Field 20th Anniversary Celebration! 11/7
Help Institute for Applied Ecology celebrate our restoration, research and ecological education work at our 20th Anniversary Stories from the Field! The Corvallis Arts Center will host this event on Thursday, November 7, at 7 pm. IAE staff will tell old and new stories from our two decades of work conserving and restoring native habitats. Network and learn how you can get involved. Hearty refreshments will be served. Please join us for this special Stories from the Field!  Read More
IAE Southwest Seed Parnership Coordinator Job Opening closes 10/24
We're hiring a Southwest Seed Partnership Coordinator with exceptional communication skills and a background in botany, crop science, restoration, ecology, or related field to lead a multi-regional seed program. Please share with your friends in the Santa Fe area. Apply on our website .
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Brief Updates
Habitat Restoration Program
Twenty-six OSU students helped IAE restore a rare coast range meadow for songbirds and other wildlife last week! Students worked all morning to clear woody debris left from the removal of conifers that had invaded the meadow. Slash piles will be burned prior to planting natives in the newly open areas. This volunteer day was organized by OSU’s Community Engagement & Leadership (CEL) with the goal of helping new students engage with the community.
Special Projects: Fender's blue butterfly
Preliminary numbers are in! Despite a rather cool spring, Fender’s blue butterfly ( Icaricia icarioides fenderi ) counts were definitely up in 2019, especially relative to the unusually low numbers seen the last two years. This prairie butterfly, listed as an endangered species since 2000, occurs only in Oregon’s Willamette Valley and the surrounding foothills. We look forward to sharing the range wide survey report later this fall.
Southwest Office Kicks-off Seed Banking Effort for New Mexico Rare Plants
In 2019, IAE became a participating institution for the Center for Plant Conservation (CPC), a nonprofit dedicated to saving rare plant species from extinction. Due to the urgent need to seed bank rare species in the Southwest, this field season our SW office began seed banking three rare plants in New Mexico: Linum allredii (Allred's flax) in SE NM, Puccinellia parishii (Parish's alkali grass) in central NM, and Mentzelia conspicua (Chama blazing star) in northern NM (pictured). Thank you CPC!
IAE Board of Directors:
Ken Bierly, President; Cary Stephens, Vice President; Laurie Halsey, Treasurer; Deborah Clark, Secretary; Anne Bradley, Sarah Greene, Bob Hansen, Brandy Humphreys, Debbie Johnson, Shinji Kawai, Julissa Rosales, Carol Savonen