PHASE TWO - July 12th
Dear St. Gregory family: 
We are getting ready to welcome our parishioners tomorrow, on Sunday, July 12 th as we move to the Phase Two of the restoration of the church services. The sanctuary will be able to allow about 30 parishioners to attend the Divine Liturgy while maintaining the social distancing (not including the choir members and the altar servers) . Please be aware that there are several restrictions and guidelines we must follow, some required by law, others by common sense.
“Opening of the Doors” Service

On July 12th at 10:00am, prior to the Holy  Badarak , we will perform a special Opening of the Doors ( Turunpatzek ) Service outdoors, in front of the main entrance of the church (weather permitting).  
Click here to read the detailed guidelines in the Diocesan Directive.
Guidelines for the restoration of the participation in the Divine Liturgy at St. Gregory the Enlightener Armenian Church effective Sunday, July 12, 2020.
Face Mask 2
• Everyone is required to wear a face mask upon entering the church. There will also be a hand sanitizer dispenser at the door and everyone will be required to use it when entering the church.
Hand Sanitizer 2
• Sanitize your hands upon entering the sanctuary
• Every other row of pews are closed off, in order to promote distancing. 3 individuals can sit in each pew. Couples or families can seat together and should remain six feet apart from others.
• Once the sanctuary is full to the capacity per the guidelines, new arrivals will be escorted to the Atrium. Chairs are set up six feet apart in the atrium and the service will be streamed on the TV. 
• The collection plate will not be passed during the service. Instead, it will be placed in front of the sanctuary doors. We appreciate your generosity.
• The Kiss of Peace: will be offered, but without physical contact. Whether offering or receiving the Voghchouyn , place your hand over your heart and bow your head toward the other person from wherever you stand, offering the traditional greeting and response: Kristos ee mech mer haydnetsav -- Orhnyal eh haydnoutiounun Kristosee. 
• Communion will still not be distributed: The cel ebrant will continue to take communion on behalf of the parishioners until further notice. Everyone will take part in the sacrament of penance (confession).
• “Mahs” will NOT be distributed as well even though in the previous email we announced that it will.
• Until further notice, unfortunately, there will be no coffee hour after Badarak. No food or drink is permitted in the atrium.

• The restroom will be open.

If you are not feeling well, please stay home. If you have an underlying health condition it may be wise to still follow us online as we will continue to stream the services on Facebook and YouTube.

May our Lord keep all of us safe and healthy.

Best regards,

Fr. Mesrob and the Parish Council