February 15, 2018
Photo: Pexels
How do we get to a place where we work to achieve land commitments, commercial reforestation and carbon objectives, while also achieving biodiversity objectives? Forest News talked to five experts at the SER2017 World Conference.  ( via CIFOR)

Photo: Batallón de Alta Montaña Número 1
Trained to hunt their opponents over a hostile high-altitude environment, they are now engaged in building  greenhouses, nursery plots, and laboratories . Their mission is the cultivation of the furry, cactus-like frailejón. 
( via Earth Island Journal )

Photo: Craig Kohl Russ
As work to restore the San Joaquin River continues, scientists are seeing promising signs that salmon can thrive in the river as hatchery fish reach new milestones. 
(via The Fresno Bee)

Photo:Woodland Trust
With just 13% of its surface covered in woodlands, the UK is the least leafy country in the EU. In England, tree cover is less than 8%. Now, the government plans to reverse centuries of industrialist and agricultural exploitation. ( via ZME Science)
Photo: Amy Hansen
"This study demonstrates that retaining or restoring wetlands in intensively managed agricultural watersheds would reduce nitrate in rivers and improve local water quality," says Tom Torgersen of NSF.  ( via NSF )

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Our partners at Island Press recently released a translated e-book of the SER foundational textbook Ecological Restoration, Second Edition: Principles, Values, and Structure of an Emerging Profession.
Vicky Erickson, Lenya Quinn-Davidson, and Karin Riley discussed the role of wildfire and post-wildfire restoration. Watch now, and watch any of our other recorded webinars in our webinar library!
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Edwards et al. evaluate a citizen science program designed to monitor stream restoration. Findings suggest citizen science programs have the potential to improve and broaden the impact of ecological restoration.
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