Restoring Linoleum Floors with NeverStrip Vinyl Seal

Linoleum floors are an attractive, sustainable choice.

NeverStrip Vinyl Seal refreshes linoleum, extending its life, making it an even Greener selection .

Lippert Flooring and Tile , Menomonee Falls, WI, recently restored an 8-year old linoleum floor in a health care facility with Vinyl Seal .
A Lippert customer asked to have its linoleum flooring replaced. High levels of rolling equipment, walkers and hospital beds had degraded the floor. The original sheen was gone.

Lippert offered an alternative to installing new flooring. They presented a linoleum restoration using NeverStrip Vinyl Seal .

Elias Shanine, Lippert Flooring , said,"the client is extremely satisfied and appreciative. The restoration saved tens of thousands of dollars, while extending the floor's life."

Elias, went on to say, "the customer is so pleased with the results, Lippert is now restoring the remainder of the facilities' linoleum."

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David Beedie