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4 Ways to Weave Safety into Your Company's DNA
As an organization, we have both moral and legal duties that relate to PPE. As presented in  Restoring Success: Building a Culture of Safety , the foundation of any safety initiative in your company is culture and attitude towards safety. PPE is important to protect the biggest and most important part of the company - the people. Beyond the team, we also have to consider the PPE needs and considerations for others that include but are not limited to: customers, adjusters, subcontractors, and inspectors. Read the full article  here  and read all of Lisa's monthly articles  here
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Odor Control
When I first entered the industry in 1990, we were limited in available technology and techniques available to help eliminate odors. Today, there is a variety of equipment, products, and techniques available to employ combination techniques. First, to choose the appropriate technique, we must understand the odor issue: type, source, areas affected, etc. Odor is classified into two types:  

Real Odor:  
The pure sensation of smell transmitted to the olfactory lobe by the olfactory nerve.
Psychological Odor:  
Odor that a person thinks they smell based on experience or suggestion. For example, if I say the word “Skunk” to you, your mind tend tends automatically think of the pungent odor that the skunk produces. 
In dealing with odors, consider: Source Removal, Encapsulation and/or Chemically Changing the Molecular Structure of the Odor Molecule. The preferred first step of odor control is to remove the source. Next we should understand some of the basic categories of our options: Masking, Time-release, Absorbing, Pairing, Disinfecting, Sanitizing, Digesting, and Oxidizing. More information on these categories can be found here .

Most deodorants used in odor control contain a combination of masking and pairing agents. Here are definitions about these two categories:

All we are doing here is overwhelming the olfactory area with an acceptable odor. This is temporary and is used primarily to control odors until removal of the source takes place 
Physically changing the odor substance by pairing it with a chemical which combines with the malodor molecule and gives it some of its own chemical properties. This transforms the odor chemistry into a new non-odorous compound by modifying the shape and charge to fool the olfactory region.
I really like using the Vapor Shark and other products from Vaportek which offers a permanent, odor eliminating solution. The Vapor Shark uses pairing agents of natural essential oils that can treat up to 50,000 cubic feet and is also safe to use in occupied spaces. As Vaportek explains, “While Vaportek does introduce an additional fragrance (which some incorrectly attribute to masking) due to our complex formula of naturally occurring essential oils, it is the exact complexity of our oil formula that goes one step further to effectively eliminate the source of the malodourous molecules through encapsulation or odor-pairing neutralization technology.”

-Director of Education, Steve Schumm
Powering your Vision, Values, & Leadership
In recognition of our new partnership with iRestore , a restoration management software, we will include an informative blog article each month:

Photos are an important part of file maintenance for a variety of reasons. They are used as communication and reporting tools while also protecting your company’s interest. Visit our blog to see how the management of your operation's photos can affect your business. Read more

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