Restoring Success: March 2018



Restoring Success:
Assignment of Responsibility


" Who left that job site in that condition?"
"Who was responsible for the job site that day?"
"Who didn't get the oil changed in the truck?"
"Who is responsible for that and do they know they are responsible for it?"
"Why can't we get the warehouse reorganized?"

There is a highly engaged group who want to help but nobody is responsible to lead the group and the ultimate outcome.  If you ever have a situation like this and find yourself:
  • Without an answer,
  • An unclear answer, or
  • Find the person that you held accountable was unclear about their responsibility...
Then it may be helpful to consider or review the assignment of responsibility in your organization. Our COO's latest  Restoration & Remediation article  reminds us that we can develop people and celebrate achievements and jobs well done when responsibility is clear. Good people get things done well when they are aware that they are responsible for them. As the business saying goes, "Things that get rewarded get done."  

Read the full article  here and r ead all of Lisa's monthly articles  here!

Tip For Your Success:
Moisture and Concrete


In the world of restoration, it is critical to understand EMC (Equilibrium Moisture Content) of various materials. Andrew Rynhart, CEO of Tramex, who are known as the providers of "innovation in moisture detection," offers this informative technical article on one of the most interesting materials - concrete.

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Partner Connection:
Having the right friends and business partners is a key to success.


Restoration Technical Institute is proud to introduce you to our newest partner - ProKure1!

With its corporate offices in Phoenix, AZ and account managers across the U.S., ProKure1 is bringing the power of ClO2 to restoration professionals.  

What is ProKure1?
ProKure1 is a deodorization and disinfection system for professionals that consists of ClO2 formula packets, applicator/containers and job protocols.

What ProKure1 Does:
ProKure1 enables restoration professionals to quickly and simply produce ClO2 liquid and/or gas in any amount for any size job.

Why ProKure1 Matters:
As the most effective, versatile and ecologically advanced disinfection and deodorization substance known on earth, ClO2 used to be too complicated and cost-prohibitive to use practically. Now it's simple and cost-effective thanks to the ProKure1 System. ProKure1 helps restoration professionals complete a wider range of work more profitably.

Interested in learning more?
Visit their website at or contact them for more information:
Phone: 866.206.1301 

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