Restoring Success Newsletter                                                                 September 2018
 The Meter Edition 
Consistency is a key word to monitoring water losses and your meters:

  • Consistency in meter performance matters
  • Consistency is using the same meters throughout the monitoring process
  • Consistency in monitoring the same moisture point on the project is important

Restoring Success:
Inconsistency - The Silent Enemy of Your Restoration Company
By Lisa Lavender , COO of RTI
Consistency is a critical ingredient to the success of individuals and organizations, and inconsistency can be one of the greatest enemies to your objectives and goals. Consistency will have a direct impact on many important things including but not limited to:

  • Effectiveness
  • Efficiency
  • Credibility
  • Reliability
  • Growth (Both for individuals and organizations)

Read the full article  here  and read all of Lisa's monthly articles  here !  
Tip For Your Success:
What Are Meters?
Our Director of Education, Chuck Boutall , explains the basics of moisture meters in this short segment from our webinar series: The Proper Use of Moisture Meters.

To learn more about how to use invasive and non-invasive moisture meters, including how they work and what materials and scenarios are best to use them with, click here to purchase the entire video. This class is ideal for experienced technicians, office staff and anyone who reviews, communications and documents moisture content.
Partner Connection:
Delmhorst Meters
We are excited to introduce our newest partner, Delmhorst Instrument Co. , to our team. They have built a reputation for designing, manufacturing and marketing the highest quality moisture meters on the market for a variety of industries.

Did you know there are two types of moisture meters used with lumber? One uses pins or needles that are inserted into the piece of wood being tested and the other has a plate that must be in good contact with the wood.

Which meter is best? It depends on what information you are looking for, such as moisture gradients. Likewise, the meter must be one your employees will use. Learn more by visiting Delmhorst's blog .
RTI News:
RTI Welcomes Industry Expert Chuck Boutall
Speaking of meters, our new Director of Education is a meter expert!

The Restoration Technical Institute is pleased to announce that industry great, Chuck Boutall, will be joining our team as the Director of Education. Read the full press release on our blog .

"Chuck brings years of practical experience that will help us evolve and expand our curriculums in our service to the industry. He is a great resource to those who train with us. Chuck is a high energy and knowledgeable restoration professional and educator who I look forward to working with," says Lisa Lavender, COO of Restoration Technical Institute.
Technology Connection:
Meters, Recordings, Communicating and Managing the Drying Process
Your iRestore system comes complete with easy to use data collection features that allow you to document and communicate the drying process. Your clients will be impressed when they get a 24-hour report complete with all the initial moisture readings and pictures. Your team will find success with our unique tech wiz that guides you through each critical step of a water loss, monitoring and documenting.

The fully integrated inventory system will create a time stamp log for all equipment as it is assigned and pulled from your jobs. It's the perfect supporting documentation of your work without any additional steps. Learn more about iRestore's Job Management feature here .

And let's not forget about one of our most important tools of the restorer's trade - the meter. Our inventory management system allows you to keep track of your meters. Whether they are going in and out to jobs or assigned to a team member, you will know where all your meters are and who has them at all times.
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