Restoring Success Newsletter                                                                  August 2018
Restoring Success:
Preparing For CAT Loss Response
By: Lisa Lavender , COO of RTI
Most of us who are in the restoration and disaster / emergency response business have our stories. There was the time I ordered a tractor trailer of rental equipment to prepare for Hurricane Sandy... 99% chance of hitting the area that I served, but then I woke up to sunshine and blue skies. Sandy took a slight turn that took the hurricane almost exactly around the outside of our service area.

Then, there was the time I went into my office for a phone call, shut the door and emerged 20 minutes later to a full Catastrophe Response Operation. An extremely harsh hail storm hit our area, leaving a trail of mass destruction. The hail storm that took a little county in Pennsylvania by surprise made national news in May 2014 .

In the world of restoration, preparing for disaster is about always being ready for disaster. Sometimes you know it is coming, and sometimes it takes you by surprise. Regardless of the type and magnitude, disasters happen. When they do, there are opportunities for restorers who are prepared.

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Tip For Your Success:
A Healthy And Safe Clean Up
Although times of excessive amounts of rain and flash flooding makes for a busy restorer, it is times like these when being a restorer is the most rewarding. Even if we cannot physically help everyone, the advice we have to offer can go a long way.

In the above video, Destry Ransdell , President of Tec Pro , presents various health and safety clean up tips, including the following:

Don't use tap water until it is deemed safe. Keep a sufficient supply of bottled water.
• Be aware of any microbial contamination you may be exposed to in flooding water.
• Wear proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) each time you enter a work area.
• Once you leave the work area, dispose of the PPE.
Partner Connection
What Does It Mean To Be Authentically Botanical?
You've cleaned up all the water from the flood...Now what? Before you kick your feet up to relax, be sure to consider the four letter word we all despise - Mold! Heavy flooding and mold often go hand in hand. If you find yourself in this scenario we recommend using Benefect's Botanical Disinfectant and Cleaners, a world recognized leader in next-generation botanical antimicrobials.

This authentic cleaning product kills over 99.99% of bacteria without endangering human health or your pets. Instead of using a synthetic chemical substitute, Benefect products are a sustainable option for disinfecting and cleaning through the use of the thyme plant's essential oil as their active ingredient. This is effective since the current germ-killing practices have led to highly resistant organisms, resulting in a need for stronger, more toxic chemicals and increasingly complicated disinfecting procedures. On the other hand, research shows that in over 5,000 years microbes have not built up a tolerance or resistance to the antimicrobial action of essential oils.

Learn more by visiting their website .
Technology Connection:
Manage The Chaos With iRestore
When catastrophes arise it can be an exciting time in Restoration. To keep your business organized during these fast-paced times it is helpful to have a reliable Restoration Company Management Software.

Our easy to use Job Management system synchronizes and collects all critical information via our three platforms: phone, iPad, and desktop. iRestore’s intuitive design helps you manage your jobs, communicate, document, and report.
Whether you want to use our efficient barcode feature or track your equipment with a number system, you and your team will find equipment tracking a breeze with our user-friendly interface that can be implemented across all platforms.

We know that your vehicles are a huge investment and asset to your company. iRestore helps take care of your fleet. Our vehicle module is fully integrated with the rest of your system, making everything from staff assignment to tracking equipment that is in, out, and stored on your vehicles fast and easy.

Request a demo to see for yourself how iRestore can help manage the chaos that arises during severe weather.
A Special Farewell
It is with mixed emotions that we announce to you that Steve Schumm has moved on from the Restoration Technical Institute as the Director of Education. We wish Steve the best as he starts a new journey. Steve has left many with a legacy of passion, innovation, and pride in the restoration industry. It is with gratitude and appreciation for his dedication and commitment to RTI and the industry at large, that we wish him the best.  
Hands-on Learning Meets Online Training
New One Hour Live Webinar
It is not good enough to just dry the materials. You must be able to properly monitor and document the drying process. Gain understanding and build credibility as you attend this webinar with meters in-hand as we train on the most effective approaches in monitoring the materials you encounter every day, including concrete. Our instructor, industry professional, Chuck Boutall , will cue you in to the most common mistakes and have you monitoring with the right tools and techniques.

For your convenience, you can join us live at the following two times:
Upcoming IICRC Courses

Wednesday, August 22
to Friday, August 24

Monday, September 10
to Friday, September 14
  Tuesday, October 23
 to Friday, October 26
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