Restricted: Racism's Intersectional Impact

on Agency and Liberation

Friday, March 29, 2024

9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

via Zoom

Presented by

Sasha Aaronson, MSW, MPA


Sharlene B. Kerelejza, LMSW

This workshop will explore how systemic racism creates, co-creates and perpetuates intersectional forms of oppression and marginalization by systematically limiting access to the agency, autonomy, opportunity, health, information, and pleasure necessary to dismantle oppressive systems; and promotes divisiveness both against and between targeted groups. Together we will explore how we can use our positionality in conscious, daring dialogue to explore our intersectional privilege and oppression through the lens of the most marginalized/vulnerable voice of the moment. This workshop participants explores:

  • Racist roots of several ongoing forms of oppression including, but not limited to: racism, sexism, homophobia/transphobia, fatphobia, classism, ablism, agism, and more, through systems including education, religion, diet culture, eating disorder treatment, gender-based violence, health care access and more.
  • View current efforts to restrict mobility, visibility, critical thinking, reproductive freedoms, and access to information, while recognizing and dismantling current efforts to promote aspirational ideals of confinement/restriction that promote the dominant paradigms of identity and shame, and judge difference and divergence.
  • Examine the ways we experience white supremist thinking internally even when we understand the foundations of a liberatory praxis.
  • Explore an intersectional positionality lens in how to approach conversations across domains of both privilege and oppression that can be used across personal and professional relationships to intentionally refuse to be divided, and to create opportunities for perspective-taking, insight, healing and hope.
  • Intentionally awaken shared liberatory consciousness, including body liberation and agency.
  • Develop a lens of aspiring allyship/co-conspirator that includes screening spaces, including online spaces, for potential danger/threat for marginalized individuals and groups, including during activism efforts.
  • Learn the basics of online safety planning, doxing prevention, blocking/reporting hate, and when to involve public safety and/or law enforcement.

2 Cultural Competence CECs

$50.00 / Non-members ~ $35.00 / Members ~ $15.00 / Students

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