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MAY 2013   
ERS is excited to announce a new suite of tools and publications to support the design of new teacher compensation systems and career pathways that reward high-quality teaching and offer teachers opportunities to advance without leaving the classroom. Based on extensive research of current best practices within and outside of education, and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, these tools are designed to help jump-start a new conversation in your district.


This "do-it-yourself" workshop brings stakeholders together to explore the costs and implications of different compensation structures.

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This paper focuses specifically on teacher salaries and details two urgent reasons for reform: misfit structures of current teacher salary schedules and lost opportunities to impact student achievement. 

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This paper looks at the whole package of what school systems offer teachers and examines how these offerings influence the attraction, development, retention, and motivation of a high-performing teaching force.  
This series of memos explores typical goals of compensation redesign and implications for five main design considerations: base salary, district priority incentives, school roles, rewards and responsibilities, and fiscal sustainability.

NEW VIDEO: Strategic Resources in Action

Georgia's Vidalia City Schools is one shining example of how to strategically leverage people, time, and money in the face of low funding levels.


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Watch this video and see how School Budget Hold'em can help you find dollars for teachers even when budgets are tight.



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