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A Look at Ohio's Results

And closer to home, a recent analysis of Spring 2021 Ohio State Tests published summary of results:
• Average student achievement on state exams administered in spring 2021 declined significantly in every grade and subject.

• In most grades, the decline in the proficiency rate is approximately 8 percentages points in ELA and 15 percentage points in math
Your School

Why should charter school board members be concerned? First, board members need to understand the academic reality of their students in this post-COVID world. That may mean reviewing (for the first time or again with new eyes) your students’ composite scores grade by grade as well as trends taking into consideration your school closure during COVID. 

Second, understand the plan being implemented to raise student achievement. What is being done differently than before? How are targeted funds being used? Does the administration of your school believe the plan is working or needs to be revised? It’s a “work with” mindset that benefits the students. No one person has the single answer for increased student achievement, especially when poverty rates are high.
Impressive Board Meeting

Recently, BCSB observed a board meeting in which a comprehensive school report was given followed by a particularly astute board member who expressed concern that the upward academic trend was not trending as desired.

Michael Temple, OHDELA board member explaining his concerns on test results of students to Sally Perz, BCSB Administrator.

Perz observed great interaction between the board, the Head of School, Ray Lambert and the 9-12 Principal, Chris Brooks. “It was really gratifying to observe the dialog, questions, honest answers that then evolved into a discussion of what could be done differently to help the students reach higher levels of achievement. What a great board meeting – and it was over in approx. one hour”!
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